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Celebrating Scheller College of Business 2018 Dean’s Scholars and Benefactors

The latest class of Scheller College of Business Dean's Scholarship recipients.

The latest class of Scheller College of Business Dean's Scholarship recipients.

The annual Scheller College of Business Dean's Scholars Dinner provided an opportunity for recipients across all years of the undergraduate program to come together with the generous benefactors of the program.

Highlights of the evening included: a welcome from Scheller College Dean Maryam Alavi; a speech from Gary Jones (IM ’71) – alumnus, benefactor, and Scheller College Professor of the Practice; remarks from Meredith Wolpert (BSBA ’18), Bergmark Family Dean’s Scholar; and benefactor Joe Evans (IM ’71), whose insights led to the creation of the Dean’s Scholarship Program.

Benefactors Dick Bergmark (IMGT ’75); Matt Cole (GT ’72); and Greg Owens (IMGT ’82) were also in attendance.

“It is an honor to celebrate the generous contributions from our outstanding benefactors and their families, which has in turn led to the great accomplishments of our Scheller College of Business community,” Wolpert said. “At Scheller College of Business, there’s a theme of people wanting to invest in relationships far above and beyond what is expected of them. We see relationships not as transactions, but rather as ongoing partnerships that fuel individual growth.”

This is the ninth year of the Dean’s Scholarship program which was designed to recognize exceptional incoming freshmen, selected based on their outstanding high school academics, leadership, involvement, and potential for success in Scheller College’s highly ranked undergraduate business program.

Scholarship recipients receive a four-year scholarship of up to $40,000 and are expected to participate in the College’s business clubs and events, and grow into student leadership roles during their undergraduate degree program.

The newest members of the Dean’s Scholars family include first-year students: Katie Anderson, Alex Dunaway, Jill Fazio, Katie Fishman, Jolie Fouts, David Franco, David Glass, Jackson Grant, William LeRoy, Noah Newell, Emily Salmond, Reid Schulz, and Cortlin Wahlen.

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