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Scheller Salary Diaries

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Shedding Light on the Mysteries of Money and an MBA

Returning to get your MBA can seem like a superhuman feat. General doubts about admissions and fit are further fueled by questions like: How do students pay for their tuition? How impactful has their MBA been on their job growth? And, finally, what does their salary growth look like after graduation? The Scheller Salary Diaries content series shares experiences from the people who know best—our alumni. 

Salary Diaries hopes to answer these questions and more by shedding light on the often complicated and mysterious topics surrounding money and an MBA. We want to help prospective students understand how MBA students finance their education and the ROI they experience after graduation.  

Where does the data used in the Salary Diaries stories come from? 

Scheller MBA alumni responded anonymously to Scheller Marketing and Communications’ request for information about their job and salary growth. Alumni from 1967 to the present day were excited to share their success and things they learned about the program and themselves with future students. Finding answers to questions about tuition payment and job and salary growth are vital to any prospective student’s MBA journey.


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