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Undergraduate Concentration Panel Series: Leadership & Organizational Change


March 7, 2024


Info Session






Scheller College of Business

Leadership & Organizational Change Concentration Panel

This concentration is concerned with understanding, explaining, and improving employee attitudes and behaviors that contribute to organizational success. It is a multidisciplinary field with an applied orientation and represents a blend of organizational behavior and human resource management courses. Students who are intrigued by how and why members of organizations think, feel, and behave the way they do in the workplace and in their interactions with others will explore evidence-based answers to their questions in the Leadership & Organizational Change concentration. This concentration will provide students with a broad foundation for effectively managing people and unleashing their talents in the workplace, as well as a foundation for effectively managing social and organizational dynamics that matter for organizational success. It is a broad field that students can continue to build up on throughout their careers in related fields.

Concentration Panel Series Overview

The Scheller College of Business Undergraduate Program Office is excited to host the annual Undergraduate Concentration Panel Series. Learn more about each of Scheller's concentrations through this series of panel discussions featuring faculty, alumni, and current students! Hear about the courses, potential career paths, complimentary certificates, involvement opportunities, and more! 

These panels are open to all Scheller undergrads and will be particularly helpful for anyone who is trying to decide on their concentration.

No RSVP Required to Attend!


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