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Undergraduate Concentration Panel Series: Accounting


March 5, 2024


Info Session






Scheller College of Business

Accounting Concentration Panel

Accounting’s focus is using information to improve business decisions. Accounting is the process of measuring, processing, recording, and communicating financial information used by business owners and managers in making strategic business decisions. As an accountant, you are engaged in reporting a company’s financial performance to external parties and in using financial and other data to project future results of management’s strategic plans. Other functions include preparing financial statements, computing costs and efficiency gains. A concentration in accounting means endless possibilities. Since accounting is the language of business, the Accounting concentration also serves students well in many other business positions that involve financial analysis. This means that there is never a shortage of accounting jobs available!

Concentration Panel Series Overview

The Scheller College of Business Undergraduate Program Office is excited to host the annual Undergraduate Concentration Panel Series. Learn more about each of Scheller's concentrations through this series of panel discussions featuring faculty, alumni, and current students! Hear about the courses, potential career paths, complimentary certificates, involvement opportunities, and more! 

These panels are open to all Scheller undergrads and will be particularly helpful for anyone who is trying to decide on their concentration.

No RSVP Required to Attend!


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