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Hogan, Toschia

Toschia M. Hogan

PhD Candidate
Toschia M. Hogan profile photo

Academic Area(s):
Disruptive Events
M.B.A. Northwestern University
B.S. Rochester Institute of Technology

Toschia M. Hogan is a doctoral candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology in the Department of Management in Scheller College of Business.  Ms. Hogan is a diversity and followership scholar.

In her primary area of research, she studies leader-follower interactions with a keen focus on understanding the types of behaviors followers utilize in exchanges with a leader. She is particularly interested in employee resilience and how and why courage in followership is important for both follower and leader development.

To extend our understanding of effective behaviors in the modern organizational context ruled by volatility, complexity, and employee expectations for both personal and professional development, Ms. Hogan is developing a new measure of courageous followership in organizational settings.

 In the domain of diversity, she considers how and why individuals with and without a stigmatized identity are key to creating a more inclusive workplace. Her foremost research examines the experiences of people with disabilities and concealable stigmatized identities in the workplace.

Prior to joining Scheller’s Management and Organizational Behavior program, Ms. Hogan was a Director at Johnson & Johnson, where she led global cross-functional teams in the development and commercialization of a multi-million dollar portfolio of new product innovations for the multi-national corporation