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Harari, Dana

Dana Harari

PhD Candidate

Academic Area(s):
Extra-Role Behavior
Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology, Expected 2019
B.Sc, Technion, 2011, Industrial Engineering and Management

Two parallel research questions guide my research. First, how, why, and when do behaviors that employees engage in outside of their core duties, both at work (e.g., prosocial behavior) and outside of the workplace (e.g., hobbies) affect their job-related attitudes and behaviors at work? Although these behaviors are not inherently a part of an employee’s role, they often carry important implications for their performance on core work tasks.

Second, how does an individual’s status shape their interactions, behaviors, and performance when contextually activated and socially construed at work? I am especially intrigued by the relationship between status and prosocial behavior and seek to understand the relationship between these two variables. Specifically, I explore when and why prosocial behavior impacts changes in an employee’s status, and when and why an employee’s status may impact their inclination to engage in prosocial behavior. 

Published Papers

  • Gibson, K. R.*, Harari, D.*, Marr, J. C.* (2018). When sharing hurts: How and why self-disclosing weakness undermines the task-oriented relationships of higher status disclosers. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes; 144, 25-43.