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Deborah Turner Testimonials

We reached out to some of Professor Turner’s current and past students about their experience in her classroom and the impact she had on their academic and professional careers…

"Debby was the best introduction to the MBA program I could have hoped for. Within the first three hours I knew I had made the right choice by coming to Tech because of Debby's deep respect and care for the students. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but more importantly she knows how to transfer her knowledge even to those who never cared for Accounting. She knew all sixty-five students' names just three weeks into the class. Debby's a winner in every way and I'm sorry not to have had more opportunities to have classes with her throughout my MBA."

- Luka Anic, MBA 2016

"I'm graduating next month, and Debby has been my favorite professor throughout the program. Her Seminar in Advanced Accounting was also my favorite course - it really helped me to understand some of the big financial scandals of the recent past and apply much of our core accounting learnings to the real world. She is always able to use real examples to help students understand the material, and her warm demeanor makes her very easy to talk to and ask questions. I was originally concentrating in Finance, but I chose to add a concentration in Accounting because I enjoyed her teaching so much, and now I am considering pursuing my CPA after I graduate. I probably never would have gone in this direction if it wasn't for how much I enjoyed Debby's core accounting class in my first semester of the program."

- Alyse Bell, MBA 2016

"Debby brought clarity and focus to me as an accounting student at Georgia Tech. She raised my game in the classroom, reshaped my thinking, and motivated me to expect more from myself as a student and as a young professional. Debby went above and beyond her role as a professor by providing important guidance about career options, and showing me how the problem solving skills learned through the accounting curriculum at Georgia Tech applied to almost every facet of business life. I am forever grateful to Debby as the mentor who helped me build on a foundation for what has become a successful career in public accounting."

- Marc Egort, CPA, PA, MGT 1989
Owner, Marc Egort, CPA, PA

"Debby taught Financial and Managerial Accounting in a way that was palatable even to students who had no prior experience with accounting. As an MBA student with a liberal arts background, I appreciated the effort Debby made to ensure that her lessons were clear and relatable to everyday challenges in the workplace. Debby's anecdotes from her experiences as a consultant gave depth to the classroom experience and made her instruction engaging."

- Alex Glass, MGT 2010

"Debby actually makes accounting interesting. After one of Debby's classes, I became the life of a party by discussing and comparing Amazon's and Intel's financial reports!"

- Joyelle Harris, Ph.D., BS ECE 2001, MBA 2018   
Director of the Engineering for Social Innovation Center, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

"I am indebted to Professor Turner for the guidance she provided me as my mentor for the Women in Science and Technology student group. She helped me sort through my options for choosing a career path after graduation. At Scheller, there is often a lot of pressure for accounting students to "Go Big 4" but Professor Turner helped me choose an accounting field that would better utilize my technological background and interest in manufacturing. Being able to peek into the future through her experienced eyes helped me make one of the tougher decisions of my life. I am very grateful for her guidance and support."

- Lucy Hensley, BSBA 2013
Operations Cost Controlling, Siemens

"On our first day of class, Dr. Turner said 'accounting is more of an art than a science'. I was shocked because I thought accounting was just math. In one semester, she changed my view of the role of accountants from 'bean-counters' to critical members of a business."

- Jacob Houck, BMED 2010, MS ECE 2012, MBA 2017
Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Lab, Sensor Systems Exploitation
Georgia Tech Research Institute

"As a men’s basketball student-athlete, I maintained a challenging practice and travel schedule. Dr. Turner understood my time demands and always provided me with the necessary flexibility and support that enabled me to compete at the highest level, graduate with my certificate in accounting, and earn the required hours to sit for the CPA exam. She exemplifies what is means to put the students first and is truly one of Georgia Tech’s best!"

- Marvin Lewis, MGT 2004
Associate Athletic Director-Financial Administration, Georgia Tech

"Professor Turner made me love the art of accounting. She is an amazing teacher and person. I'm so glad I got to have her during my very first year here at Tech."

- Rachel Morrison, BSBA 2018

"Debby's passion for teaching, and her extensive knowledge and experience made the class interesting and informative. As an evening MBA student with no accounting background prior to attending Scheller, Debby made the class accessible and fun. It's a real feat to keep 50+ folks actively engaged after a long day at work."

- Emily Nybo, MBA 2017

"Debby is an awesome professor - one of the most organized professors that I have seen at Scheller, actually. Accounting isn't just numbers in Debby's class. She breaks down the material and its application in current examples. I never imagined I would be interested in learning more about accounting until I took Debby's intro class. Outside of the classroom Debby is readily available for assistance and replies to emails promptly.

Additionally, Debby was integral in assisting me in obtaining my post MBA job. Her input and support assisted me with evaluating job opportunities and obtaining an interview.

Debby loves what she does and we can tell by her dedication. It is no surprise she has won our 'Favorite Core Professor Award' several years in a row."

- Jennifer Jacobs, MBA 2015

"I'm thankful to Dr. Turner for encouraging me to earn my concentration in accounting at Scheller. Her teaching and guidance, both inside and outside the classroom, provided me with the tools I needed to begin a successful career."

- Aaron Parkman, MGT 2011
Senior IT Auditor, The Coca-Cola Company

"For me she was such an encouraging force during my first semester. She is an excellent teacher that made me want to do well for her on a personal level to show her that she is a great teacher. She taught us more than what was on the lesson plan and told us about her life. Thank you for being an open, honest professor!"

- Amber Roberts, Past Student

"Debby Turner is one of those professors you'll never forget. She can really bring the classroom alive with her engaging but sweet demeanor. I didn't feel like just a number in a classroom, she knew everyone by name!"

- Stephen Steinmann, BS PSY 2008, MBA 2017

"The lessons I learned from Dr. Turner go far beyond the walls of the classroom. Dr. Turner showed me what it would take to not just be successful in my career, but to be successful in life as well. I am extremely grateful that I had Dr. Turner as my professor."

- Karsten Tufts, BSBA 2015

"Dr. Debby Turner was an exemplary professor and mentor during my time at Tech. While she ran her classroom with strict discipline, I have not encountered a professor that cares more about her students. She was always willing to provide counsel on career matters and provide opportunities for her accounting students through the HAO organization and Accounting/Finance career fair.

As someone who is actively involved in recruiting accounting candidates for my current employer, I frequently push to hire more Tech accounting candidates as I know Tech accounting students are some of the most prepared for an easy transition into a Big 4 accounting firm. This is without a doubt largely due to Dr. Turner and her commitment to her students."

- David Yancey, BSBA 2012