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Bien, Frederic

Frederic Bien

Lecturer, Data Analytics
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PhD in Mathematics, MIT, 1986
Bachelor in Mathematics, University of Brussels, 1983
Master in Quant & Computation Finance, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015

Frederic founded Ad Buying Network Inc. (AdBuy) in 2006 and was CEO until 2018. AdBuy was an online media buying agency focused on analytics and strategy, serving mid level clients wanting to deploy advertising campaigns online and in traditional media. He is a seasoned expert in online video advertising and social media marketing, having worked the full cycle of media planning, targeting, buying and reporting for hundreds of ad campaigns.

Frederic co-founded social media advertising company Blinq Media in 2008, and was president and VP Technology until 2010. Blinq was acquired by Gannett in 2012.

Previously, from 2001-2004, Frederic was SVP Media Technology at Turner Broadcasting, leading the digital transition of Turner Entertainment Networks, also 3-year Chair of Time Warner Media Asset Management Committee, and Co-Chair of Time Warner Working Group on DVR's & Ad Related Issues.Later, he worked also for the Presidents of Ad Sales at Time Warner Cable and AOL, and on ad sales optimization software with Agentsmith (for Comcast local cable TV advertising and Sinclair Broadcasting).

In 2000, Frederic was VP of Communities Marketing and CTO of Bigstar Entertainment, an online superstore of movies and a NASDAQ-traded company. In the mid 90's, Frederic founded and was CEO of Bien Logic, a premier web agency and internet technology company in San Diego California. Bien Logic's web agency business was acquired to form Sitelab International, a top-50 digital agency. Bien Logic's software business was sold to Netrics, which was later acquired by Tibco in 2010.

Frederic has a PhD in Mathematics from MIT (1986), a Master in Quantitative and Computational Finance from GeorgiaTech (2015). He was Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University (1986-1992), Associate Professor at University of California San Diego (1992-1996), and Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Emory University (2018-2019).

In his free time, Frederic loves spending time with his 2 teenage sons, traveling with family and friends, exploring the evolving ecosystem of online social networks, and reading about behavior psychology, which is also part of the science and art behind deploying great marketing!