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Scheller College of Business, Undergraduate Handbook - BSBA Degree

The purpose of this handbook is to provide information concerning the curriculum of the Scheller College of Business (CoB) and the policies and procedures of the CoB and Georgia Tech.

Student Responsibility
Satisfactory completion of a college degree is the responsibility of the student. This responsibility includes but is not limited to:

  • Schedule an appointment for academic advisement at least once each semester, year or whenever you have questions.
  • Establish and follow academic plans leading to graduation.
  • Attend and participate in class.
  • See the CoB career advisor (Dennis Lindsay) long before senior year.
  • Take full advantage of The Center for Career Discovery and Development and other major school and institute resources.
  • Read the Scheller College of Business literature provided to you at orientation.
  • Student must be informed of all important dates and deadlines published in the institute and major school calendars.

I.   Faculty of the Scheller College of Business

II.  Undergraduate Programs and Scheller College of Business Staff

III. Undergraduate Advisement

        a. Sign up for an advising appointment

        b. Academic Advising Syllabus

        c. BSBA Credit Sheet

        d. Advising Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

        e. Pre-Health Information

        f.  Pre-Law Information

        g. Academic Advising for Athletes[1]         h. Degree Works[2]

IV. Career Advisement & Assistance

        a. Career Resources (T-Square, GT C2D2, Department of Professional Practice)

        b. One-on-one career advising with Dennis Lindsay

V.  Georgia Tech CORE Curriculum[3]

VI. Management Courses & Curriculum

        a. Core Management Course Descriptions

        b. BSM Credit Sheet[4]         c. BSBA Credit Sheet[5]         d. Concentrations[6]

        e. Certificates

VII. Special Opportunities

        a. Management Special Problems/Independent Study, Internships & Undergraduate Research

        b. Study Abroad

        c. Technology & Management Program

        d. International Plan

VIII. Grades

        a. Grade Point Average (GPA)

        b. Grade Substitution

IX. Registration

        a. CoB Registration Information

        b. Restriction, Permit & Overload Information[7]

        c. Dropping Courses

X.   Readmission

        a. CoB Readmission Procedures

XI.   Institute General Catalog

XII.  Institute Calendar

XIII. Student Classification Based on Credit Hours Passed

XIV.  Scholastic Standing

XV.   Examinations

XVI.  Transfer Credit

        a. Transfer Equivalency Table

        b. Transfer Policy

XVII.  Petition to the Faculty

XVIII. Degree Petitions

XIX.    36 Hour Rule

XX.     Cross Enrollment

XXI.    Academic Honor Code

XXII.   Sexual Harassment Policy

[1] Athletes are required to meet with their CoB academic advisor at least once a year. [2] Any questions that you have regarding your individual record should be discussed with your major school advisor [3] All CoB students are required to complete the University System of Georgia Core Requirements [4] Only applies to students who started prior to Summer 2011 [5] Applies to any students starting Summer 2011 and after or change of majors Spring 2011 and after [6] All BSBA student are required to complete a concentration [7] Individual faculty members or any staff members in the Undergraduate Program Office do not have authority to give a student permission to be added to an already full class in any circumstance. The best way to determine if there are seats available in a section of a class and to register an available seat is to monitor the “online” OSCAR.