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Freshmen Transition

Below is information for freshmen about Scheller specific programs. For other information related to new students (housing, financial aid, etc.), please refer to your Buzzport account.

FASET (Freshmen Orientation):

Freshman Orientation (known as FASET at Georgia Tech) is a two-day program for students and their guests that is offered at different times throughout the summer. FASET stands for the "Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech".

On the second day of FASET, Business Administration students and their guests go to the Scheller College of Business to learn more about the program and select classes for the upcoming semester. Lunch is provided and you are with College of Business students for the majority of the day on day two. At this Business Administration academic advising session, we will inform students and their guests about the College of Business curriculum, staff and special opportunities. During this time, new students will have a one-on-one meeting with their advisor who will discuss course options and where any AP, IB or transfer credit fits into their four-year plan.

Register for a FASET program with the New Student and Sophomore Programs Department


GT1000 - Business Administration Sections:

Every Business Administration Freshman must register for the Business Administration section of GT 1000 when registering for Fall classes at FASET. We will help you with this process during FASET.

This one-credit class will provide students with college success skills as well as business specific topics to accelerate understanding of what is required to be successful in our classes and the business world. We will discuss business career paths, teamwork skills needed for business classes, resume writing, internship search strategy, presentation skills, and other helpful topics. Young alumni will discuss how they succeeded in our program and the business career paths they pursued