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Who is my academic advisor and how often should I see them?

The Scheller College of Business has academic advisors on staff to assist you in your academic and career pursuits. To find out who your advisor is, click here. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once per year. In addition, you may meet with your advisor whenever:

  • You do not know how to find help for a particular situation
  • You want assistance planning courses prior to registration
  • You want to discuss any problems which affect your academic performance, including your academic progress or personal issues
  • You are concerned about your study skills, are having difficulties in your coursework, or are on academic probation or in jeopardy of dismissal
  • You need interpretation of Georgia Tech policies and procedures
  • You think you are AT LEAST a semester away from graduation
  • You want to discuss how internships/co-ops, research with faculty, study abroad, and other opportunities will fit into your academic plan
How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

You may schedule an appointment with your advisor online by visiting Advisor Link. During select times during registration, no appointment is needed as Drop-In advising is offered. Please read our registration related e-mails and check our website here for specific dates and times regarding Drop-In advising.

To make an appointment:

  1. Go to
  2.  Log in using your GT username and password
  3. Click "Schedule an Appointment" in the top center of your screen


What can I expect during a visit with my advisor? Should I bring anything?

You are not required to bring anything with you to your advising appointment, but it may be helpful to bring along your BSBA credit sheet, a tentative course schedule when planning out course registration, any GT forms that you need assistance with (such as Change of Major and Change of Minor forms), etc. Also, it helps to develop a list of topics and questions you want to discuss and bring it with you. Meetings typically last about 30 minutes, depending on your goals for the meeting.

How can I get an overload or permit for a class?

Overloads: There are NO OVERLOADS in management classes. Business Administration majors should schedule your MGT classes as soon as your time ticket opens. MGT faculty cannot overload students into classes.

Permits: Information on permits for management and non-management classes may be found here.

How do I know what concentration electives are being offered next term?

Concentration elective course descriptions are posted on our website each semester prior to Phase I Registration. They will be updated each term and posted in the drop down box at the bottom of the webpage here.

Note: Most BSBA Concnetration Electives are not typically offered during Summer terms.

What certificates do you offer and when are the certificate declaration forms due?

The Scheller College of Business offers twelve different certificates for management and non-management students. Information, registration forms, and application forms for each certificate can be found here.
You will want to register with us if you are seeking a certificate so that we can add you to our mailing list for information about certificates and courses. If you are a non-BSBA major we'll email you with information as to when our major restrictions will be lifted during registration. Register here.

Applications for certificates are due two weeks before your graduation day. Early applications will not be accepted. Apply for your certificate online here.

When do I apply to graduate?

You must apply to graduate the semester before your graduating term. You will receive emails from your advisor when the window to apply for graduation is open. Please note that there is a process for the Scheller College of Business and a process for the registrar's office, so you must make sure you complete both steps. For specific information on the Scheller College of Business graduation processes,  click here.

How do I change/add a major?

Change of Major information can be found here.

How do I find out if my credit from another school transfers to Georgia Tech?
You may check to see if your credit transfers to Georgia Tech by entering it into the registrar's transfer equivalency table, located here.
How do I submit a petition to the faculty?

Information on submitting a petition to the faculty can be found here.

Completed petition forms must first be submitted to the Scheller College of Business Undergraduate Program Office (Suite 322). After review by our office, the petition is sent to the Registrar's Office for final decision. It is advised that students speak with a Scheller College of Business academic advisor before submitting the petition to ensure that the petition is completed correctly.

What is the grade substitution policy and am I eligible?
There are strict policies on grade substitution. Please click here for the full policy.
When is the deadline for dropping a class, reapplying, withdrawing completely, etc.?
For information on school deadlines, visit the registrar's official academic calendar.
Where do I find out about study/work abroad and the International Plan?
Learn about study abroad, work abroad, and International Plan options for BSBA students through the Office of International Education by clicking here.
How do I reapply to Georgia Tech?

A student who, for any reason, has remained out of school for two or more consecutive terms must reapply for admission.

If you are reapplying to Georgia Tech after a leave of absence and you have a status of good standing, warning, or probation, you must reapply through the Registrar's Office. Information and forms are located here.

If you are reapplying to Georgia Tech after academic dismissal/drop and wish to be enrolled as a Business Administration student, information on our readmission process can be found here.

How do I apply to the Scheller College of Business as a freshman or transfer student?
Freshmen and transfer student admission to the Scheller College of Business is overseen by the Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Admission. For information on how to apply, visit the admission office website here.
Where is the lost and found in the Scheller College of Business?

Lost and found is located in the Dean's Office, Suite 325 in the Scheller College of Business. The Dean's Office is directly next to the Undergraduate Program Office.