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Undergraduate Research

One of the advantages of attending a research university is the opportunity undergraduates have to be exposed to and engage in research. These experiences can help students gain a deeper understanding of the material they are learning in classes. Students who research build stronger relationships with faculty members, learn to critically analyze advanced concepts, and gain clarity on the type of graduate degrees or career paths they might pursue after graduation.

Students in the Scheller College of Business have the opportunity to engage in research in a number of different ways. First, some faculty members may have access to research funding through which to pay students. Other faculty members may offer academic credit for unpaid assistantship work. Finally, students can pursue independent study courses in which they write a significant paper or work on a smaller part of a larger research project.

How to Get Involved

The best way for a student to get involved in research is to speak with a professor in a course the student has enjoyed and in which he or she has performed well. Often faculty members seek students who have shown through their coursework a solid understanding of the material so that the student has a solid foundation on which to build a research project. A second way to get involved in research is to review professors' research interests on this website and approach the professor to determine if he or she needs research assistance on his or her current projects.

Georgia Tech offers funding to students who wish to research with faculty members. To learn more, review the website of the President's Undergraduate Research Award.

 Past MGT Student Research Projects

Listed below are several research projects our students worked on with the management faculty. Some of these topics were generated by the faculty and some were generated by students who then asked faculty to supervise them while they conducted the research. 

  • Digital marketing and the future of the music industry
  • Marketing to minors and the telecom industry
  • Managing organizational change
  • Strategies for portfolio management
  • Valuation of distressed public firms
  • Ethics in organizations
  • Marketing research on the implementation of video in college courses
  • Sustainable operations management
  • The impact of new information technologies on promoting sales in electronic commerce
  • Trust-or-Not: Exploring the dark side of trust in e-commerce
  • Evolution in online pricing strategies in business-to-consumer electronic markets
  • Examining the adoption of electronic medical records in physician practices
  • Channel integration and market actions
  • Company strategy to address consumer and employee-generated web content
  • The continual usage of social networking sites: Intrinsic motivation and social influence