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The Scheller Business Ambassadors are comprised of undergraduate students selected through a formal annual recruitment process that occurs every November. The ambassadors are a professional, enthusiastic and hard working group of leaders. Scheller Business Ambassadors work under the supervision of the Undergraduate Office at the Scheller College of Business. Their goal is to achieve the priorities set forth by Georgia Tech and the Scheller College of Business. Ambassadors must be in academic good standing to become a new member, and to be an active ambassador each semester.

The purpose of the Scheller Business Ambassadors is to:

  • serve as the liaison between the Scheller College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office and undergraduate business students.
  • represent the Scheller College of Business to prospective undergraduate students through organized recruitment initiatives, and
  • promote community development within the undergraduate business student populations through organized programs and initiatives.

Outline of the Scheller Business Ambassadors program:

  • Scheller Business Ambassadors are active leaders. 
  • Ambassadors are expected to participate in as many activities and events as they can, to lead projects and to contribute during meetings. 
  • Ambassadors meet every Monday at 6pm in the Scheller College of Business. Our meetings last one hour and are required. 
  • The time commitment for ambassadors is roughly 2-3 hours or more per week, depending on what projects an ambassador is leading or what events an ambassador is working.
  • Ambassadors are comfortable with public speaking. 
  • Ambassadors must keep up to date about the Scheller College of Business to share this information with prospective high school students.
  • Ambassadors develop new ideas to better the Scheller College of Business, and work as a group to implement them.
  • Ambassadors enjoy talking with current Scheller Business students, interacting with Scheller College of Business staff and faculty, and meeting prospective high school students who are considering Georgia Tech’s business program.
  • Ambassadors assist the Scheller College of Business undergraduate programs office with recruiting and community building activities

SBA Leaders

Meredith Wolpert

  • Name: Meredith Wolpert, SBA President
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Concentration: Supply Chain and Operations Management, Certificate Business Analytics
  • Involvement: Red Bull- Data Analytics Intern, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)- Management Consulting Intern
  • Work Experience: Society of Women in Business, Scheller Dean's Scholar, DanceTech Performing Company, Scheller Business Ambassadors, Social Sorority, FAB Alumni
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: Since the first time I visited Georgia Tech, I realized that the Scheller College of Business is like no other. The vibrant people, unique focus on technology, and endless professional development opportunities here truly make Scheller an unparalleled business program. Ultimately, Scheller is family, and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it.

Caroline Cusick

  • Name: Caroline Cusick, VP Administration
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Peachtree Corners, GA
  • Concentration: Strategy and Innovation, Marketing Certificate
  • Involvement: Georgia Tech Ambassadors, Scheller Business Ambassadors, Greek Sorority, Executive Round Table, Society of Women in Business, Tech the Halls Mentor, Student Alumni Association, GT Cheerleading
  • Work/Experience: Summer Intern for Newbridge Management LLC, a small financial consulting group in Atlanta, The Coca-Cola Company Procurement Analytics Co-Op
  • Favorite Thing About Scheller: My favorite thing about Scheller is how truly valued I feel through the interactions with my peers, professors, and faculty. The community within Scheller constantly pushes me to become the best version of myself, and I am so blessed to be apart of a college that helps me to grow each day. I never would have realized all that I am capable of without my experiences at Scheller, and it is the most genuinely supportive and unique community on campus.

Lincoln Leroy

  • Name: Lincoln LeRoy
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Lincolnton, GA
  • Concentration: Finance, Minor Leadership Studies
  • Involvement: Scheller Business Ambassadors, Resident Assistant for Housing, Student Staff Leadership Council, Student Staff Representative for RHA, Student Staff Bible Study, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and ILE Office Assistant
  • Favorite Thing About Scheller: Scheller has always been a source of close community for me. Since coming here I have been amazed at the support I receive from the faculty and the relationships with students.

Maddie Jones

  • Name: Maddie Jones, VP of Prospective Students
  • Year: 2nd
  • Hometown: Dacula, GA
  • Concentration: Finance, Minor Engineering and Business
  • Involvement: Finance Assistant at Greek Sorority, Habitat for Humanity, and Society of Women in Business
  • Work Experience: Accounting and Finance Intern at Rigor
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: My favorite thing about Scheller is the atmosphere and the positivity of the students and faculty here. Every time I come to the Business school, I always feel so at home and ease! Also, the students ROCK!

Naomi O'Halloran

  • Name: Naomi O'Halloran, VP of Membership Development
  • Year:  3rd
  • Hometown: Atlanta, GA
  • ​Concentration: Accounting, Minor French
  • Involvement: Georgia Tech Ambassadors, Scheller Dean's Scholars, Mental Health SC Community Ambassador Program, Social Sorority, GT 1000, Student Foundation, Student Government Association, Society of Women in Business and Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Council
  • Work Experience: Newbridge Management LLC Financial Intern and The Coca-Cola Company Global Procurement Analytics Co-Op
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: I love walking into Scheller every day and seeing so many familiar faces whether they are professors, peers or undergraduate staff. Though Tech is a
    wonderful community to be a part of, I think what has made my overall college experience so enriching has been the supportive and more close knit community that is found within Scheller. Everyone is so encouraging of each other especially the administration and faculty who don’t just want to see you succeed in the classroom but also beyond. 


  • Name: Abbey Yates, VP of Education
  • Year: 2nd
  • Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
  • Concentration: Information Technology, Minor Computing and Business
  • Involvement: Georgia Tech Swimming and Diving
  • Work Experience: : Dive and Gymnastics coaching
  • Favorite Thing about Scheller: My favorite thing about Scheller is the pride and thankfulness that the students feel towards the school. Everyone is always so proud to be a business major and excited to be involved in a program with such quality faculty, staff, and advisers. From the chihuly chandeliers to everyone's favorite security guard, Marcus, it really is the happiest place on campus.

 James Ni

  • Name: James Ni, VP of Marketing
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Tifton, Georgia
  • Concentration: Marketing, Minor Engineering and Business
  • Involvement: Social Fraternity, For The Kids, Presidents’ Council Governing Board, GT 1000 Team Leader, FASET Leader
  • Favorite Thing About Scheller: Scheller truly makes me feel like home. The academic advisors, professors, and even the
    Deans are always looking out for my best interest. Not only is this place unique, it is the pinnacle of management being located in Midtown Atlanta
Contact the Scheller Business Ambassadors

SBA President, Meredith Wolpert: