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The Scheller Business Ambassadors are comprised of undergraduate students selected through a formal annual recruitment process that will occur in late Fall 2021.

The ambassadors are a professional, enthusiastic and hard working group of leaders. Scheller Business Ambassadors work under the supervision of the Undergraduate Office at the Scheller College of Business. Their goal is to achieve the priorities set forth by Georgia Tech and the Scheller College of Business. Ambassadors must be in academic good standing to become a new member, and to be an active ambassador each semester.

The purpose of the Scheller Business Ambassadors is to:

  • serve as the liaison between the Scheller College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office and undergraduate business students.
  • represent the Scheller College of Business to prospective undergraduate students through organized recruitment initiatives.
  • promote community development within the undergraduate business student populations through organized programs and initiatives.

Outline of the Scheller Business Ambassadors program:

  • Scheller Business Ambassadors are active leaders. 
  • Ambassadors are expected to participate in as many activities and events as they can, to lead projects and to contribute during meetings. 
  • Ambassadors meet every Monday at 6:15 pm in the Scheller College of Business. Our meetings last one hour and are required. 
  • The time commitment for ambassadors is roughly 2-3 hours or more per week, depending on what projects an ambassador is leading or what events an ambassador is working.
  • Ambassadors are comfortable with public speaking. 
  • Ambassadors must keep up to date about the Scheller College of Business to share this information with prospective high school students.
  • Ambassadors develop new ideas to better the Scheller College of Business, and work as a group to implement them.
  • Ambassadors enjoy talking with current Scheller Business students, interacting with Scheller College of Business staff and faculty, and meeting prospective high school students who are considering Georgia Tech’s business program.
  • Ambassadors assist the Scheller College of Business undergraduate programs office with recruiting and community building activities
SBA Executive Board, 2021-2022


  • Name: Nikita Dani, President
  • Year: 4th
  • Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
  • Concentration: Information Technology Management
  • Study Abroad: Oxford Program
  • Involvement: GT 1000 TL, Georgia Tech Student Foundation, Greek Life
  • Work experience: Co-op at Koch Industries, Interned at Steelcase
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: The tight-knit community we have at Scheller and knowing the names and faces of people in your lectures.
  • Contact:

Lauren Gordon

  • Name: Lauren Gordon, VP Administration
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Milton, GA
  • Concentration: Marketing
  • Involvement: Society of Women in Business, Greek Life, Scheller Business Ambassadors 
  • Work/Experience: GT Football Recruiting Student Assistant, Logistics Coordinator, Visual Content and Innovation Intern at One Page Thinking (Atlanta Startup), Recruitment Marketing Intern at Inspire Brands
  • Favorite Thing About Scheller: The people - the saying "people make the place" has never rung truer than my time at Scheller! The students, professors, and advisors all have such enthusiasm to learn, connect, and grow. That pulse of energy is so contagious to be around and one of the many things that I love about being a student at Scheller.
  • Contact:


  • Name: Emmett Halloran, VP of Events
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Concentration: Finance
  • Involvement: Social, Professional, and Honor's Society, Greek Life, GT 1000 Team Leader, Scheller Student Development Board, the Excel Program
  • Work experience: Private Equity and Corporate Finance (AT&T) experience
  • Study Abroad: Oxford 2020 cancelled due to Covid
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: My favorite thing about Scheller is how much the professors care about their students. Although extremely successful in their prospective industries, they never why away from meeting with us outside of class and being as helpful as can be. They make this place special and deserve many thanks.
  • Contact:

Ben Shappard

  • Name: Ben Shappard, VP of New Members
  • Year: 4th
  • Hometown: Roswell, GA
  • Concentration: Finance with Business Analytics Certificate
  • Involvement: GTSF Investments Committee, Georgia Tech Accel Program, GT 1000 TL, Greek Life, Georgia Tech Catholic Center
  • Work/Experience: Investment Banking Summer Analyst for Stephens (returning full time), Domestic Finance & Accounting Intern for UPS, Portfolio Analyst Intern for Angel Oak Capital Advisors
  • Favorite Thing About Scheller: The amazing community of like-minded students, intelligent professors, and caring faculty. Everyone is always trying to help you succeed and reach your career goals!
  • Contact: 

Cindy Qiu

  • Name: Cindy Qiu, VP of Marketing and Outreach
  • Year: 2nd
  • Hometown: Suwanee, GA
  • Concentration: Marketing
  • Involvement: VP of Recruitment for GT Marketing Association, Designer for GT Chinese Student Association
  • Work Experience: Student Assistant for Scheller Marketing & Communications Team
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: I love how easy it is to spark up a fun conversation with anyone at Scheller!
  • Contact:

Mia Konstanzer

  • Name: Meah Konstanzer, VP of Membership Development
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Howard County, Maryland
  • Concentration: Information Technology Management, Computing & Business Minor (T&M Program)
  • Involvement: Alpha Phi - Director of Sisterhood, Consult Your Community (CYC), Society of Women in Business (SWIB), Executive Round Table (ERC)
  • Work experience: Social Media/PR Intern - Fire Bee, IT Department Intern - Adventist Healthcare, Remote Database Management Intern - The Arbor Company
  • Favorite thing about Scheller: The alumni network and support of fellow Scheller students is amazing! Scheller is such a tight-knit community and people are always willing to help out. 
  • Contact:

Contact the Scheller Business Ambassadors: SBA President, Nikita Dani -