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Award Definitions

Faculty Awards

The Faculty of the Year Awards recognize business faculty members who have impacted the academic experience of business students or have led an incredible class the past academic year. Each Spring, three faculty members are recognized through different award categories. Scheller undergraduate students are encouraged to nominate faculty for awards in each category. The award recipients will be recognized at the College of Business Undergraduate Awards Luncheon in April (Invitation Only).

There are three Faculty Award categories:

1. Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

The Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award recognizes a faculty member who models excellence in teaching. The criteria for the award includes:

  • The instructor promotes active learning and successfully encourages students to think imaginatively, critically, and  independently. 
  • The instructor’s pedagogical techniques are appropriate to, and effective with, a variety of different learning styles.
  • The instructor interacts enthusiastically and effectively with students beyond the classroom, using office hours and other opportunities productively to promote learning and address individual student needs.
2. Outstanding Faculty Service Award

The Outstanding Faculty Service Award recognizes a faculty member who excels in service to the university and the larger community. The criteria for this award includes:

  • Demonstrates superior service to Scheller Undergraduate students through mentorship in scholarly or career activities, student club or organization advising, and facilitating service-learning opportunities. 
  • Engages in impactful service to Scheller and to Georgia Tech through committee work, governance bodies and related activities, and administrative support. Contributes to the university’s efforts to enhance equal opportunity and cultural diversity.
  • Provides service to external stakeholders including business and industry; federal, state and local governments; and professional, public and private not-for-profit organizations. These activities may utilize the faculty member’s professional expertise or the faculty member may be participating as a university representative.
3. Outstanding Faculty Innovator in Student Success Award

The Outstanding Faculty Innovator in Student Success Award recognizes a faculty member whose outstanding contributions are significantly improving student success. The criteria for this award includes:

  • Remarkable commitment to student success beyond his or her own classroom and discipline based on evidence-based results. 
  • Develops, implements, and shares techniques, practices, and/or technologies that transform the student experience and improve outcomes for student success. 
  • Utilizes creative and exemplary teaching practices and supports positive faculty-student relationships that inspire excellence and student success.
Future Leader Award
Awarded to one Freshman and one Sophomore who show strong potential to become campus leaders. They have started to get involved in various organizations, and have convinced others of their drive & dedication that they will make a difference in their future career at Tech.
Outstanding Leader Award
Awarded to one Junior and one Senior in recognition of their outstanding leadership through their involvement both inside and outside the classroom. Their ability to lead others by example and direction allow them to motivate a group toward success.
Character and Community Service Award
Awarded to one student who best exemplifies the importance of service. Their demonstration of exceptional integrity and character within the College and dedication to the greater community reflects the value of giving back that Georgia Tech so cherishes.
Professional Excellence Award
Awarded to one student who has set themselves apart through a unique professional experience through internships, co-op experience, or other professional opportunity. They have indicated drive and dedication to their career development.
High Performance Award
Awarded to one Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior each who exemplifies effort and engagement in the classroom and college. Their academic performance, leadership experience, community service,and work experience define them as high performers all around.