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How do scholarships affect financial aid?
Some scholarships do not allow students to receive scholarship in excess of the full cost of attendance. If you are already on a full scholarship prior to receiving another scholarship, your primary scholarship funding may be reduced dollar-for-dollar when the new funding is applied to your account.  If you already receive student loans and are awarded a scholarship, the funding may be applied towards paying down your loans, depending on the type of loan.  All eligible students are encouraged to apply for scholarships since being recognized as a scholar is an honor that you can list on your resume.  The full cost of attendance can be found at
Can I apply to the same scholarship two years in a row?
Yes. If a student has not won a particular award before, they may apply for the award another time except for the Dean’s Scholarship.  Those two specific scholarships are only available to compete for during the senior year in high school.  All other awards are open for students to apply to more than once if the student meets the criteria and has not won that particular award before.
What is the Dean’s Scholarship?
The Dean’s Scholarship is a program available to high school seniors.  The Scholarship recognizes outstanding high school students for their academic performance, leadership, involvement and potential for success at Georgia Tech and in the Scheller College of Business.