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The Dean's Scholarship is an annual four-year scholarship awarded to incoming first-year students. 

  1. Remain a Business Administration major.  If a student changes to another major at Georgia Tech the scholarship will be forfeited. 
  2. GPA requirements: 3.0 end of spring semester first year and then 3.2 each semester following.
  3. Complete at least two courses of the BSBA core business curriculum in the first year.
  4. Complete at least four courses of the BSBA core business curriculum in the second and third years.
  5. Participate in two to three required events each academic year. The Undergraduate Program Office and Development Office will coordinate each spring the opportunity for you to update your scholarship donor by providing a written or video update.
  6. First, second, third, and fourth-year academic standing is based on hours earned at GT.  AP, IB, & Transfer credit hours are excluded.
  1. A Dean’s Scholarships is awarded for a maximum of eight Georgia Tech undergraduate semesters. Students can attend additional undergraduate semesters, but they are only eligible to receive the Dean’s Scholarship for eight semesters.
  2. Students have fifteen undergraduate semesters, or five calendar years from first enrolling at Georgia Tech to use their funding.
  3. If a student is disenrolled from Georgia Tech and is later readmitted, the Dean’s Scholarship will not be renewed except if authorized in advance by the Dean’s Scholarship program.
  4. Dean’s Scholarships are subject to all GT Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid policies and regulations.
  5. A Dean’s Scholarships may be adjusted based on other Georgia Tech scholarships received.  In addition to this award, you are eligible to receive other financial assistance.  Should the total of your financial assistance exceed the estimated total cost of attendance, the Dean’s Scholarship will be limited accordingly.
  6. A Dean’s Scholars is expected to abide by the Academic Honor Code. The scholarship may be withdrawn for conduct unbecoming of a Dean’s Scholar.