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We welcome your questions and are happy to e-mail or mail information to you about the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech.

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Undergraduate Staff

Profile image for Stan Broome
Stan Broome
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Education 
Profile image for Steve Carriere
Steve Carriere
Academic Advisor 
Profile image for Shawn Dommer
Shawn Dommer
Assistant Director, Academic Advising & Student Programming 
Profile image for Jessica Dunham
Jessica Dunham
Academic Advisor 
Profile image for Michael Dutcher
Michael Dutcher
Corporate Relations Manager 
Profile image for Jalen Jeter
Jalen Jeter
Academic Assistant 
Profile image for Brandon Lay
Brandon Lay
Academic Advisor 
Profile image for Valerie Mastrangelo
Valerie Mastrangelo
Undergraduate Programs Manager 
Profile image for Lindsay Staar
Lindsay Staar
Academic Advisor 
Profile image for Craig Womack
Craig Womack
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs