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Three Distinct MBAs: One Goal

Scheller's three distinct MBA programs provide a winning combination of Tech expertise and business fundamentals to give professionals the tools they need to excel in today’s global marketplace.

Breaking Down Sheller’s MBA Offerings

All three nationally-ranked Scheller MBA programs support a diverse range of professionals ready to turbocharge their careers through an MBA that excels in integrating technology and business, equipping graduates to tackle the ever-changing challenges of a global marketplace.

22-month Full-time MBA | part-time Evening MBA | 17-month weekend MBA

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An MBA Triple Threat That’s Tough to Beat
Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine
Fall 2019 Issue

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Scheller College and Tech Square:
The Intersection of Business and Technology

Scheller College's tech strengths are deeply embedded in its DNA and its business interconnectivity is strengthened by the innovation ecosystem that's developed in Scheller’s home in Midtown Atlanta. Tech Square, a world-renowned nexus of innovation and entrepreneurships for business and technology, comprises more than 1.4 million square feet in Midtown and literally sits on Scheller’s doorstep.

Here, 100+ startups; 22 corporate innovation centers (including AT&T, Boeing, and Honeywell); the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), a startup incubator that helps entrepreneurs launch and build companies; VentureLab which works with students to create startups based on research; and CODA, a 755,000 square foot, 21-story mixed-used super computer facility provide opportunities found no where else for students, faculty, researchers, and companies to work together seamlessly.