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Why Engineers Should Get an MBA

An MBA provides the knowledge and leadership skills to help engineers reach their full potential or pivot to new roles.

Factors to Consider When Making the Decision to Pursue an MBA

Many engineers today are faced with an important question: Should I get an MBA to advance my career? Recent statistics report nearly a third of employers across the country are increasing the education requirements for new hires, encouraging them to earn an MBA, the most widely applicable graduate degree. As both engineers and engineering students search for a graduate program that best fits their career goals, many are choosing an MBA to increase their business acumen and gain the skill set essential for senior managers, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives.

Why Engineers Should Get an MBAWhy Engineers Should Get an MBA

An engineering undergraduate degree already makes you an attractive employee as companies seek people with a technical background who can understand complex problems. However, adding an advanced degree to your education gives you a more competitive edge. An MBA will help expand your insight and understanding of the business side of an industry while providing you the knowledge and leadership skills to reach your full career potential. An MBA differentiates you from the rest of the workforce.

Scheller College of Business provides three formats for engineers seeking an MBA. Choose from nationally ranked Full-time, part-time Evening, and weekend Executive MBA programs. Each of our Georgia Tech MBA programs offer innovative curriculum, practicums, concentrations, or specializations that allow you to build upon your engineering experience and mold your degree with business courses that best meet your engineering career goals.

In addition, we offer an MBA dual degree option combining an MBA with another Georgia Tech graduate degree program within the Colleges of Computing, Engineering, or Design.

Our globally recognized MBA programs equip students with the tools they need to separate themselves from others in their industry and gain a distinct advantage as they work to further their own career aspirations.