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Strategy & Innovation

Global Economics (Core Course)
Basic economic concepts and the ability to apply these concepts to business decision-making and public policy analysis.

Strategic Management (Core Course)
Integrating knowledge of the functional areas of a business to understand how firms gain and sustain a competitive advantage in a globally competitive environment.

Processes of Technological Innovation (MoT)
Addresses the processes involved in technological innovation, focusing on models, sources, flows, and the protection of innovation and intellectual property.

MOT Project I (MoT)
Participants develop and present a proposal for a new technology-based product or service.

MOT Project II (MoT)
Participants execute the concept developed in MoT Project I, including marketing and financial analysis.

MOT Project III (MoT)
Participants complete their MoT project, submit a written report, and present their results to a panel of thought leaders and business experts.

Comparative Systems (Global)
Examines the position of the U.S. in world markets, various types of international business transactions, and the impact of global economic, political, legal, and cultural forces.

Product Strategies for Global Markets (Global)
Covers a systematic overview of the management issues that arise during the process of new product development for global markets.

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Marco Ceccagnoli
  • Area Coordinator
  • Professor
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Jonathan Giuliano
  • Professor of the Practice
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David N. Ku
  • Regents Professor
  • Chairholder
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John McIntyre
  • Professor
  • Program Director
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Alexander Oettl
  • Associate Professor
  • PhD Coordinator
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Karthik Ramachandran
  • Area Coordinator
  • Professor