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Supply Chain Innovation

Learn the strategic and tactical skills essential to developing and sustaining supply chain excellence. Implement crucial supply chain innovation to support product development, as well as promote a flexible, efficient, and predicable product delivery. Enhance the value proposition to customers and create significant competitive advantage.

Foundation Course
 Required: Choose one (1)
MGT 6360
Global Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

Understand the strategic thinking needed for successful management of global operations and how they can create a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. Understand the key technological and management issues related to the successful management and coordination of global supply chains. Understand the viability of transferring supply chain operations to different market/operating environments.

MGT 6401
Supply Chain Modeling

Matching supply and demand by forecasting and understanding inventory basics. Understand incentive alignment, logistics network design, and capacity management. Gain a deeper understanding of retail supply chains and service supply chains.

Practicum Course
MGT 8803
Supply Chain Innovation Practicum

Innovate around supply chain problems in a real world setting. Apply what you learned in supply chain courses to a real project. Your student group will be paired with a company for a semester-long project. Work with the host company to analyze a current supply chain issue and provide innovative solutions.

 Choose one (1)
MGT 6056
Electronic Commerce

Searching for customers and suppliers. Serving customers electronically. Handling electronic transactions. Business model innovations in e-commerce. Less focused on the IT side, more on the business side.

MGT 6326
Collaborative Product Development

Introduces tools and concepts for linking product development to marketing and strategic planning. Emphasizes methods of managing the development process for speed, efficiency, and market impact.

MGT 6663
Technology Strategy

Develop a capacity to think strategically about a company's technology decisions related to how much to invest in R&D, how to protect and commercialize innovations, how to improve and sustain a firm's performance through the generation and adoption of technological innovations. Conduct strategic analyses about technology commercialization in a variety of industries and competitive situations, with particular focus on high-tech industries.

 Choose one (1)
MGT 6028
Financial Reporting and Analysis of Technology Firms

This course focuses on financial reporting and analysis issues facing firms from a broad range of industries whose common bond is research and development of new technology, including the application of technology to new or enhanced products and services. The course is presented in three interrelated parts: examining unique accounting issues for technology firms, analyzing the cash flows of technology firms, and identifying early signs of earnings difficulties for technology firms while establishing an appropriate valuation.

MGT 6057
Business Process Analysis and Design

Explore software infrastructure of the firm. How does that infrastructure support the business' processes? Includes an ERP simulation game. Effective management of technology to gain competitive advantage. Involves use of SAP.

MGT 6107
Leadership and Organizational Change

Learn challenges and methods of leading through change. Course includes change simulations. Explores change management in mature organizations. Discusses what makes an effective change agent. Examples of change include rapid growth or business turnaround.

MGT 6325
Product Planning

Examines the critical role that product and brand managers play in the organization, and issues inherent in managing product portfolios across a range of industries including consumer products, technology products, and consumer services. Topics include the new product development process, product portfolio strategy, brand/product positioning, and development of annual brand/product marketing plans.

MGT 6353
Operations Strategy

Developing a framework for designing and evaluating operations strategy. Competitive cost analysis. Justification of new technologies. Capacity, facilities, and location strategies. Supply chain management and corporate performance.

MGT 6357
Service Operations Management

Understand service management thinking and develop awareness of opportunities of IT. Understand dimensions of service management and growth and expansion as they relate to customer satisfaction and domestic/international presence. Understand complexities of implementing change and entrepreneurial opportunities in services.

MGT 6359
Business Strategies for Sustainability

This course offers a holistic view of the interaction of businesses with the environment. It outlines reasons why businesses would want to care about environmental issues, introduces environmental assessment and management tools, and visits topics from various business functions. A novel feature of the course is innovation tournaments for sustainability.

MGT/ISyE 6772
Managing Resources of the Technological Firm

Analysis of the challenges associated with managing a firm's resources (technology, work force, materials, information, processes, knowledge). Learn how to plan under conditions including rapid technological innovation, international competition, and changing markets. Specific topics include positioning strategies, innovation and diffusion, technology strategy, knowledge transfer, performance measurement, process management, and implementation of new technology.

MBA immersive tracks and concentrations are optional. Students have the flexibility to take electives in any combination of areas. There is also a concentration in operations management.