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Leading Digital Transformation

Traditional organizations are being transformed by technology. New digital entrants are disrupting existing business models, and established brick-and-mortar companies are adapting to click-and-mortar strategies. Learn how to lead and manage these digital transitions.

Develop your technology consulting skills through real-world projects with leading companies and take courses that leverage Scheller College’s unique expertise in technology management.

Foundation Course
MGT 6663
Technology Strategy

Develop a capacity to think strategically about a company's technology decisions related to how much to invest in R&D, how to protect and commercialize innovations, how to improve and sustain a firm's performance through the generation and adoption of technological innovations. Conduct strategic analyses about technology commercialization in a variety of industries and competitive situations, with particular focus on high-tech industries.

Practicum Course
MGT 6058
IT Practicum

Learn to identify the key issues in a technology management problem. Understand the role of the IT organization within a corporate setting. Apply what you have learned in MIS and other core classes to contemporary information technology management projects. Develop alternative solutions for your project and understand the tradeoffs involved in each solution.

 Choose two (2)
MGT 6028
Financial Reporting and Analysis of Technology Firms

This course focuses on financial reporting and analysis issues facing firms from a broad range of industries whose common bond is research and development of new technology, including the application of technology to new or enhanced products and services. The course is presented in three interrelated parts: examining unique accounting issues for technology firms, analyzing the cash flows of technology firms, and identifying early signs of earnings difficulties for technology firms while establishing an appropriate valuation.

MGT 6057
Business Process Analysis and Design

Explore software infrastructure of the firm. How does that infrastructure support the business' processes? Includes an ERP simulation game. Effective management of technology to gain competitive advantage. Involves use of SAP.

MGT 6059
Emerging Technologies

Analyze and make decisions around emerging technologies. Apply techniques for scanning the horizon for emerging technologies. Predict which technologies will be successful and why. Describe environments in which technologies emerge.

MGT 6107
Leadership and Organizational Change

Learn challenges and methods of leading through change. Course includes change simulations. Explores change management in mature organizations. Discusses what makes an effective change agent. Examples of change include rapid growth or business turnaround.

MGT 6311
Digital Marketing

Become familiar with the key concepts and techniques utilized in modern digital marketing. Understand the primary characteristics of various online channels including mobile marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Gain awareness of important concepts and best practices in the use of digital marketing tools (search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, etc.).

MGT 6725
Information Security Strategies and Policy

Information security vulnerabilities and risks; legal, cost, privacy, and technology constraints; derivation of strategies; technical and procedural means of achieving desired ends.

MGT/ISyE 6772
Managing Resources of the Technological Firm

Analysis of the challenges associated with managing a firm's resources (technology, work force, materials, information, processes, knowledge). Learn how to plan under conditions including rapid technological innovation, international competition, and changing markets. Specific topics include positioning strategies, innovation and diffusion, technology strategy, knowledge transfer, performance measurement, process management, and implementation of new technology.

Recommended Additional Courses
If students would like to go beyond the four required electives, the following courses are recommended.

MGT 6056  Electronic Commerce (3 credit hours)
Searching for customers and suppliers. Serving customers electronically. Handling electronic transactions. Business model innovations in e-commerce. Less focused on the IT side, more on the business side.

MGT 6664  Managing Innovation (3 credit hours)
Conceptualize and identify opportunities for creating value through innovation. Develop an understanding of how to capture the value of innovation through a variety of techniques. Coherently integrate these principles with competitive and corporate strategies.

MGT 6667  Strategic Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)
This course's objective is to hone your skills in using tools and frameworks of strategic analysis to formulate recommendations for entrepreneurial firms. Today's entrepreneurs and managers need to be able to recognize opportunities and cope with challenges created by technological developments, and entrepreneurial activity is particularly important in technology-intensive industries.

MBA immersive tracks and concentrations are optional. Students have the flexibility to take electives in any combination of areas.