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Learn from a regimen designed to give you the tools for a successful professional career. The QCF curriculum pairs a comprehensive core to give you the foundation you will need, with flexible elective options, to customize the program to your specific career goals. The MS QCF Program is a federally-designated STEM degree program.

A smaller class size allows for more access to our renowned faculty and provides opportunities for practical, "real-world" projects.

Students have the option of pursuing the degree by enrolling full-time and completing the program in as few as three semesters, or choosing to do the program part-time. It should be noted that there is no separate part-time or flexible evening/weekend schedule. All part-time students take classes with full-time students. This typically requires some employer scheduling flexibility, since many classes are held during traditional daytime hours. 

Core Curriculum (18 Credit Hours)

The QCF core curriculum is well structured to not only cover the fundamentals needed to understand and model a wide variety of problems in finance, but to allow specialization to build expertise in specific approaches, techniques, and problem areas.

Six core courses make up the QCF core:
• Finance and Investments
• Stochastic Processes in Finance I
• Design and Implementation of Systems in Computational Finance
• Derivative Securities
• Fixed Income Securities
• Numerical Methods in Finance

Capstone Course (3 Credit Hours)

The Practice of QCF is a practicum or project-based capstone course for QCF students. As such, the class is a project-based seminar involving student presentations of papers, methodologies, implementation and results. 

Targeted Electives (6 Credit Hours)

Targeted electives are offered to QCF students only, and are tailored to build upon the core curriculum.

Students choose two from a selection of three classes (for a total of 6 credit hours):
• Management of Financial Institutions
• Financial Optimization
• Financial Data Analysis

Free Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Free electives provide the flexibility to design the remainder of your course plan to specialize in those areas that are of greatest interest to you and most relevant to your future career. These free electives may be comprised of graduate courses from any of our prestigious Colleges here at Georgia Tech, as long as they are relevant to the degree. Frequently, students will choose free electives in topics such as machine learning for trading, big data in analytics, time series or regression analysis, corporate restructuring, etc.