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Tim Halloran

MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Education Programs instructor
Marketing Educator, Consultant, Recovering Brand Director, and Author of "Romancing the Brand"

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

I love teaching Product Planning. It is a great course for students who desire to manage an individual brand, products, or entire product portfolios. I like how we provide students with a hands-on experience on what it is like to manage a brand/product portfolio through real-world projects and/or a competitive simulation that lasts throughout the semester and brings out that competitive yet fun spirit that our students have!

How does the curriculum stand out to you compared to other schools?

I can think of two ways our curriculum stands out compared to other schools. First, I think we provide a real, hands-on approach. We don’t just lecture to our students. We put them in the proverbial fire and have them learn by doing. Secondly, I think we are open to creating new courses quickly when we see needs arise. I am excited about a new course that I am starting to offer. Marketing Research: Tools and Design will look at the new methodologies to better understand consumers afforded by technological advances. It should be a great learning experience for students and myself.

How does Scheller’s hands-on experiences better prepare students for life after graduation?

As someone who came to Scheller after spending the first part of my career in brand management at Coca-Cola, I know the power that hands-on experiences can have on the learning curve.  At Scheller, we take the classic saying, “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and understand” to heart and provide our students the real-world experiences necessary for them to excel in the business world from day one.

What stands out to you about Scheller students?

Scheller students are bright, inquisitive, and engaged. They are a joy to teach, and the energy in the classroom is palatable. They love to learn!

Do you have any published work we can read about?

I always love to give a “plug” to my award-winning marketing book that came out a few years ago called Romancing the Brand, which looks at brands and consumers as relationships that form and need to be continually nurtured. My latest research is coming out in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Interactive Marketing and involves consumer engagement on social media and which types of engagement on Facebook are more likely to drive customer purchases. Hint – there’s nothing to like about “likes.”

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