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Taylor “Dax” Bishop

BSBA ‘24
Class Year:

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

What's something on your bucket list? 

I hope to write and publish a book someday. I want to provide a body of work that can be of service for generations to come, regardless of genre. Also, it would be an important step in the process of leaving my mark on the world and my family could remember me by it.  

What actor would you cast to play yourself in a movie about yourself and why? 

I would choose Tom Hardy because I believe his versatility could capture my personality and life experiences. His performances in “Lawless,” “Warrior,” and “Legend” sort of encompass what I’m all about. Those movies prove that he could capture my calm demeanor, my rural southern upbringing, my military service, my perseverance through poverty, and my rich and exquisite tastes.  

What's your favorite place you've traveled to and why?  

I deployed to South Korea in 2018 and it was one of the best and worst times of my life. South Korea itself was a great cultural experience. The food was delicious, the locals were very nice, and Seoul was beautiful. I will never forget the memories that I made there with my comrades, but being far away from my family for so long was extremely tough. It was a major life test for me, and it's where I began to truly find myself.  

Favorite family tradition: 

I have lunch at my parents’ house every Sunday. While my parents, my wife, and I devour one of my mother’s famous southern feasts, we sit around and talk about the past week and the week ahead. I will forever cherish it. It’s something I will look back on someday with the fondest memories. 

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

Becoming a student at Georgia Tech is my proudest accomplishment thus far. As a first-generation college student and military veteran, I worked endlessly to overcome the obstacles and challenges that presented themselves over the past few years. I can’t help but feel that I finally made it to exactly where I was meant to be.   

What did you want to be when you were small?  

I had so many interests as a child. My aspirations changed from week to week, from a football player to a rockstar to a chef to an artist. My varied interests still make up a large part of who I am today.  

What is your latest book recommendation? 

I am currently deep into “A Promised Land” by former president Barack Obama. I found it very interesting to get an in depth look at one of the most polarizing American figures of my lifetime and his various experiences in politics and in life over the years. It is a long but easy read. I have law school aspirations at some point following my time at Scheller, so it seems useful to gain any information that could be beneficial in the future.  

My life story in exactly one sentence:  

The journey has truly become the destination, and the best is yet to come.  

My favorite restaurant in Atlanta:  

I love a wide variety of foods, but the timeless American classic of a burger, hotdog, and fries topped with chili, cheese, and slaw from The Varsity is by far my favorite. The Varsity was a must-have if my family ever travelled to Atlanta during my childhood. The mythology surrounding the phrase “What’ll ya have?” is inimitable in my eyes.  

My favorite comfort food or family recipe:  

I love country fried steak. It was a weekly occurrence growing up. A few ounces of cube steak battered and deep fried, then topped with white sawmill gravy and usually some french fries to accompany it. I am also an avid baker. I love to develop a ton of different variations of desserts, from basics like cookies and cakes to more upscales dishes like tiramisu and cheesecake. I make it a point to have some sort of indulgence at the end of the day.  

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