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Manpreet Hora

Supply Chain Performance and Managing Service Operations
Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology

Why did you choose to become a faculty member at Scheller?

I chose to become a faculty member at Scheller for the great research collaboration with other faculty members. The faculty in my area of research conduct varied research that advances topics like sustainability and innovation in operations and supply chain management, and they are collegial and collaborative. These two aspects make an amazing combination to work at Scheller.

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

I enjoy teaching the Service Operations Management elective course for two reasons. First, the course is intuitive and provides different pathways to design and deliver services, which allows different perspectives to be put forth in the classroom. Second, the course has opportunities to engage in real-time projects with local businesses in and around Atlanta, which both the students and I enjoy.

Do you have any published work we can read about?

My current research focuses on addressing specific challenges in two areas: managing operational risk through capturing knowledge from low-frequency, high-impact operational failures and building learning and innovation capabilities in supply chain management and sustainable operations.

If you had any advice for incoming students, what would you say?

My advice to incoming students is to view the degree program as a journey that provides opportunities to build subject matter knowledge and leadership capabilities in business and society through classes, internships, and long-term relationships with fellow students and Scheller. Keep the lifelong learning going.

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