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Jacqueline Garner

Finance Faculty
Senior Lecturer of Finance

Why did you choose to become a faculty member at Scheller?

I was a faculty member at other universities, but when the opportunity arose to teach at Georgia Tech, I was thrilled!  The reputation of the Institute is remarkable, and I wanted to be a part of a place where technology and business weave together. 

What makes teaching at Scheller different from teaching at other schools?

Good teaching is emphasized at Scheller. While we are a research institution, the focus on innovative teaching techniques is simply outstanding. My colleagues in the college are always willing to bounce ideas of what might work—and not work—in the classroom. Colleagues help assist one another to ensure the classroom is a joyful place where learning takes place.

What stands out to you about Scheller students?

Students at Scheller are not only bright, but they are also involved in their education.  I notice how many of them are innovative in their learning. Many students are proactive in making sure they know what “they need to know.”  Several students join clubs where they learn concepts and skills outside of class.  Many students also request to work with a faculty member on a topic that may have been introduced in a class, but they want a deeper understanding. 

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

Financial Modeling is my favorite class.  It is a hands-on class where the students build financial models in Excel.  An example of one of the models we build is a “Three-Statement Model,” which then “flows” into a valuation of the firm. We use real-world data and learn techniques that are critically important to being successful in the workplace.

If you had any advice for incoming students, what would you say?

Get to know your faculty. Go to office hours—even if you understand the material.  You will be amazed at the wonderful interactions you will have with the Scheller faculty. 

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