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Brooke Carter

Executive MBA
Class Year:
Spring 2016
Senior Director, Growth - Digital Experience at Adobe

Why did you choose Scheller College for your MBA degree?      

I chose Scheller for a couple of reasons. I wanted to be a part of a cohort that was in person in Atlanta because I knew those relationships with my classmates would be invaluable. I also chose Scheller for its flexibility. I liked that I could still have my career while going to school. Lastly, Scheller has an unparalleled focus on global business, not just domestic business. Everything we’re taught and did in the classes was in the scope of the world, not just in the U.S.

How has Scheller helped you reach your career goals?

When I first started at Scheller, I was a mid-level manager with huge ambitions. Going to Scheller gave me the confidence to go to the next level and the level beyond that. The faculty, staff, the program, and the international aspect changed me forever. It gave me confidence and a perspective that made me into who I am today.

How did Scheller’s focus on business, technology and innovation prepare you for success?

I believe no one marries business with technology and innovation like Scheller. Georgia Tech is known for its technology and innovation that is woven into the curriculum throughout the program. It's a given, and again, it was a key differentiator to learn from start-ups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and CEOs.

What types of real-world, hands-on experience did Scheller provide?      

I'd say the sessions we had with real businesses throughout the program, the work we did with the company for our Capstone, and the international programs to China and Argentina gave me more experience than any company could provide.

What’s your favorite memory from your time at Scheller?    

Traveling to China as a class was a special memory, but finishing my Capstone with my group and having the company we evaluated take our recommendations was huge. Also, regularly seeing all of my classmates over the 17 months was invaluable. Those relationships and bonds made the experience so special.


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