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Blum, Terry

Terry Blum

Director, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship;
Tedd Munchak Chair;

Academic Area(s):
Functional Area(s):
ILE Suite
Organizational Behavior
Macro Human Resource Management
PhD, Columbia University

Blum is the founding director of Georgia Tech's Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ILE), an interdisciplinary unit that develops individual and organizational leadership capabilities for economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. ILE's curriculum and activities increase students' attentiveness to the critical cultural, economic, environmental and social issues they will face as they advance in their chosen professions, preparing them to be more effective leaders in an increasingly complex world.  ILE programs include the IMPACT speaker series, Ideas to Serve (I2S:  Socially and Environmentally Responsible Values Enhancements) and the East Coast partner for the Global Social Ventures Competition.

She earned a PhD from Columbia University in 1982 and has researched and published extensively on topics related to innovation and technology transfer in health services related to behavioral health care. She has served on many NIH study sections, and has been a co-investigator for research grants related to the study of organizational and entrepreneurial factors that mediate the transfer, adoption and diffusion of innovation to for-profit and not-for-profit health treatment organizations. She is the co-founder of Georgia Tech’s Inclusive Postsecondary Academy (IPA), which provides a 4 year certificate in Social Growth, Academic Enrichment, and Vocational Exploration for students with Intellectual Disabilities.  She co-develop and a curriculum in entrepreneurship and innovation for graduate students in biomedical technology and life sciences reflecting her interests in technology transfer and value creation. This curriculum has since been expanded to include students from all of the engineering, science and computing disciplines.

Blum has served as an advisor or director for several entrepreneurial endeavors including: Stanford's Roundtable on Engineering Entrepreneurship Education; a non-profit accelerator for women's entrepreneurship, Project Tsunami's Global Brain Trust (partially funded by the Kauffman Foundation); the non-profit board of the Georgia Tech Technology Ventures (GATV), which facilitates the transfer of technology from Georgia Tech and other research universities; and Georgia Tech's Economic Development Institute (EDI). She participated as an organizer and director of a de novo community bank, Midtown Bank and Trust. She currently serves on the boards of MedShare International, a not-for-profit venture that creates value and improves health through the collection of surplus medical supplies and equipment for distribution to health facilities in developing countries and Camp Twin Lakes, which provides camps for those with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges.