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Have you ever thought about getting a PhD? A doctoral degree in Information Technology Management (ITM) qualifies you to pursue an academic career as a researcher and educator. An academic career provides not only tremendous intellectual freedom, but makes it possible to work with bright people throughout your life. You really can make a difference through the scholarly research you create, and the lives you shape through your teaching.

The life style is great, and the pay is good! Frequently, PhD graduates’ starting salary range from $90K to $150K, depending on placement, which is largely determined by performance in the doctoral program. Thus, it is not surprising that the position of a university professor is frequently ranked as one of the most desirable jobs in the world.

Why IT Management?

As an interdisciplinary area, ITM is both interesting and fun. Faculty and doctoral students are involved in research cutting across a wide spectrum of information technology management issues. The research involves issues at the core of ITM as well as multi-disciplinary topics that interface with other functional areas in management, economics and engineering.

While there may be many good ITM PhD programs at top universities, I believe the faculty and other students at Georgia Tech make our program distinctive. When evaluating programs, I was able to compare requirements, courses, etc., to see that the Scheller program is top notch. However, the close interaction and support from faculty both in ITM and throughout the college have been an unexpected bonus.

PhD Program Milestones

Why at Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech's ITM PhD program is strongly research oriented, and emphasizes the early involvement of our students in research projects with world-class faculty. The program started in fall 1990, with academic year 2014-2015 marking its 25th year of continued efforts in shaping top researchers in the field () . The program places significant weight on learning outside the classroom. Given the small size of the program, the tutorial-mentor model is the primary educational approach employed. Our experience significant attention and support from a diverse group of thought leaders in ITM, having the opportunity to work on a wide spectrum of relevant research questions .

ITM is a research oriented program. It allows me to stretch myself further than I ever thought possible. ITM students have freedom to explore the research areas that they find interesting. There are many great opportunities for learning as well. On the other hand, the faculty members set high standards for students' research. I have been encouraged to do rigorous research since the beginning of my study in the program.

Georgia Tech’s ITM area has produced top-notch doctoral graduates with exceptional placements. In the past years, our doctoral graduates have taken tenure-track faculty positions at prestigious academic institutions including University of Texas at Austin, University of Maryland at College Park, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Fudan University (China), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of British Columbia (Canada), and Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Netherlands). 

The opportunity to work face-to-face with recognized scholars in the field and supportive fellow doctoral students has been a priceless experience for me. The faculty members in the ITM group have very broad research interests that are highly relevant to managerial needs in business practice. This is a great program for students who want to explore various topics and fulfill their intellectual curiosity. The ITM group at the College of Management will open the doors to both personal and professional development for many students.
How do I finance the program, and how do I apply?

You don’t need to finance your PhD! All admitted applicants will receive a competitive yearly stipend, and their tuition will be waived. We consider applicants that took either the GMAT or the GRE.

The application deadline is January 6th for admission the following fall semester (mid-August).

All relevant financial information, including the application package is available on this site:

Tuition and financing

Application process

Current ITM PhD students and recent placements