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We have compiled a selection of the questions prospective Full-time MBA students ask most frequently. If you are unable to find the answer to a specific question or wish to speak with someone directly, feel free to contact us online or call 404.894.8722.

Scheller College of Business MBA FAQs:

Directions, Parking and Accommodations
How do I get to the Scheller College of Business?
View detailed directions and parking.
How do I get from the airport to the Scheller College?

Many visitors take MARTA (light rail) from the airport. There are two MARTA stations (North Avenue and Midtown) within blocks of the College and there are a variety of hotels and restuarants in the immediate vicinity.

There are many other options for traveling to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to Midtown Atlanta.

Are there hotels near campus?

Yes. There are many hotels to choose from near the College of Business and the Georgia Tech campus. Here are several options:(ask for Georgia Tech rates)

Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center (across the street from Scheller College of Business)
800 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30308
Reservations: 404-347-9440; 800-706-2899

This full service hotel located on the Georgia Tech campus, offers restaurant, bar and room service seven days a week as well as numerous restaurant options just steps away. The hotel also features free wireless internet,  fitness center (including indoor pool) and FREE transportation on the Tech Trolley that stops right in front of the hotel. Remember to take your picture with the Ramblin Wreck on display in the lobby!

Ask for the Georgia Tech rate!

Many of the hotels listed below also offer Georgia Tech rates. Be sure to ask!

Georgian Terrace (.5 miles from Scheller College of Business)
659 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

Hilton Garden Inn/Homewood Suites (0.5 miles from Scheller College of Business)
97 10th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown (.5 miles from Scheller College of Business)
683 Peachtree Street. NE Atlanta, GA 30308

Regency Suites Hotel (.3 miles from the Scheller College of Business)
975 West Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown (.1 mile walk from Scheller College of Business)
866 West Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308

Residence Inn Atlanta Midtown / Historic (.5 miles from Scheller College of Business)
1041 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Tell me more about Atlanta!
Learn more about Atlanta.
Full-time MBA Program Information & Curriculum
Is this a heavily quantitative program?

The core curriculum of any MBA program tends to be quantitative in nature, which is why most MBA programs look for strong quantitative skills during the admissions process. The Georgia Tech program is no more quantitatively based than other MBA programs.

Because many students are interested in more quantitative and technical areas, such as operations management and information technology management, we are sometimes viewed as a quantitatively based program. However, students may customize the electives portion of the program toward their particular interests, which may or may not be quantitatively focused.

How do students with non-technical backgrounds perform?

Students from all academic and professional backgrounds who are innovative and hard working excel in our program and go on to develop very successful careers in a variety of functional areas and industries.

Core courses expose students to all functional areas of business, preparing them for elective coursework. Students choose from a variety of electives across multiple academic areas, or focus their learning by pursuing concentrations in areas such as organizational behavior, marketing, strategic management, as well as more technical areas such as business analytics, IT management, operations, and quantitative finance.

Will I be at a disadvantage in my MBA classes if I haven't taken any business courses previously?

No. While the MBA core courses move at a fast pace, they do not assume knowledge from previous business coursework. Our curriculum is designed for you to build a solid foundation in all the functional areas of business.

Core courses give you an opportunity to explore areas of business you don't have experience in, help you identify your strengths, and fully prepare you to get the most out of our electives, while providing knowledge you'll reference throughout your career.

My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration and I have taken some of the core courses already, can I waive courses in the MBA curriculum?

No, all core courses are required and can't be waived. For many of our MBA students who have taken undergraduate business courses, it's been several years. MBA core courses offer a refresher to business concepts that are necessary for success in elective courses.

Also, while you may have completed business courses at the undergraduate level, the graduate versions of those courses are more rigorous and application-based. MBA courses are further enhanced by your classmates who will share their related professional experiences, making class discussions more dynamic.

Our compressed core course schedule is designed for you to build the most essential business skills fast. Even without waiving core courses, you'll take electives during the first-year to be more prepared for internships.

What's the typical student profile in the program?

There is none. We have a wide variety of students with different academic and professional backgrounds. About 70% of our students do not have business degrees.

View the Full-time MBA student profile for more information.

Do I need to know what job I want before I start?

No, it is quite common for MBA students to go through a "discovery period" during their first semester. In addition to your core courses, you'll have the opportunity to sit in on company presentations, talk to second-year students, and work with career advisors to help you make your decision.

Do I have to declare a concentration?

Concentrations are optional. You also have the flexibility to take electives in any combination of areas to meet your goals. View electives and concentrations. Students who are undecided about a focus area find that completing the core courses helps them to identify their passion.

Can I start the Full-time MBA program in the spring semester?

The Full-time MBA program enrolls once per year (classes start in August), and applications are only accepted for the fall semester. The Evening MBA program accepts applications for the spring and fall semesters.

Can I complete the MBA program on a part-time or distance-learning basis?

The Full-time MBA program is a two-year, full-time program only. The Evening MBA program follows a part-time flexible format. Classes are held in the evening, allowing working professionals to complete their studies at their own pace. All classes are held on-campus; there is no distance-learning option for the Full-time and Evening MBA programs.

How many credit hours are required to earn an MBA at Georgia Tech?
54 credit hours are required to earn an MBA at Georgia Tech. Students will take 12 core courses (21 credit hours) and choose 11 electives (33 credit hours).
I am a student in another graduate program at Georgia Tech, can I take MBA courses?
Yes, select courses are available to non-MBA students at Georgia Tech. Students enrolled in another graduate program at Georgia Tech may register for a maximum of nine hours of MBA core or elective courses.
I completed Georgia Tech MBA courses while I was enrolled in another graduate program at Georgia Tech. If I enroll in the MBA program. Will the courses apply towards earning my MBA?
Yes, if the MBA courses did not count as credit hours for another graduate degree, and courses were completed within six years prior to earning the MBA degree. The same course is not able to satisfy requirements for multiple degrees.

Up to nine credit hours of eligible coursework completed before you enrolled in the MBA program can be applied toward earning your MBA degree.
How do I learn more?

Current students know there is really no substitute for visiting campus in-person. Once you have narrowed your list of potential MBA programs, it is important to schedule a campus visit, if possible. Each program has its own distinct personality. While it's important to select programs that will help you in achieving your career goals, the emotional part of your decision is also significant. Visit a class, talk with current students, faculty, and career services staff, and tour the College.

Request program information

To request a brochure/viewbook, complete the Request More Information form.

Attend an on-campus MBA Information Session

MBA Information Sessions are held at the College of Business year-round. Attending is a great way to meet students, admissions staff, and faculty members while learning about the program.

Class visit

Schedule a Full-time MBA class visit during fall and spring semesters. Choose from a variety of classes and experience the program firsthand.

Off-campus events

Unable to visit us in Atlanta? We participate in many national MBA fairs, host Coffee Chats in select cities, and Full-time MBA Information Session Webinars year-round. View our upcoming event schedule

Contact an MBA Ambassador

You may also request to meet with an MBA Ambassador, in person or on the phone, about a particular area of study, relocating to Atlanta, or other program questions. MBA Ambassadors are students currently enrolled in the Georgia Tech MBA program.

Contact us online or call the MBA Admissions Office at 404.894.8722 to schedule a meeting with an ambassador. Our office hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (ET), Monday -Thursday and 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. (ET), on Friday.

Where is the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business MBA Admissions Office located?

The MBA Admissions Office is located on the 3rd floor, in suite 302 of the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. Our complete address is:

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business
800 West Peachtree Street, NW
Suite 302
Atlanta, GA 30308-1149

The Scheller College of Business is located within Technology Square, a multi-building complex of facilities located in Midtown Atlanta that includes the Global Learning Center, the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, the Economic Development Institute, and the Georgia Tech Bookstore.

View an interactive map of the Georgia Tech campus.

How are applications to the MBA Full-time program evaluated?

Applications to the MBA program are evaluated on a rolling basis. Considered in the admission decision are undergraduate (and graduate, if applicable) academic performance, GMAT or GRE scores, TOEFL scores for international applicants, work experience, essays, interviews, letters of recommendation, and other documentation supporting the application. Applications are reviewed individually and are also compared to the students currently enrolled in the program (see student profile below) and to the current group of applicants.

The admissions committee evaluates several factors to make a decision. The first concerns the potential for academic success in the MBA program. In this phase, past academic work, GMAT or GRE scores, and TOEFL scores (if applicable) are evaluated. In the second phase, the committee looks for leadership potential indicators — contributions to the MBA program, both inside and outside the classroom, and career fit. Work experience, essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews are weighed heavily in this phase of the process.

What makes an application stand out among others?

There is no point system or secret formula; however, the College doesn't compromise quality. Students must demonstrate work experience, leadership, maturity, community activity, intellectual capacity, and competitive academic credentials (GRE or GMAT score and GPA). Strengths in one area may compensate for weaknesses in another area.

What do I bring to my admissions interview?

Treat your admissions interview like an employment interview. Dress professionally and come prepared; bring your resume and do your research in advance.

When and how will I receive an admissions decision?

The timing for your admission decision will depend on which round you submitted your complete application. You will always receive a letter by mail with your admission decision. Admission decisions cannot be given over the phone.

What is the admission profile on the recent class enrolled?
2015 Entering Class Admission Statistics:
  Class Size


  Middle 80% GMAT Score Range 620-740  
  Middle 80% GRE Quantitative Score Range 158-161* (average 159)
  Middle 80% GRE Verbal Score Range 156-163* (average 160)
  Average Work Experience 5.8 years  
  Average Undergraduate GPA 3.2  
  Total Full-time Enrolled (MBA classes entering 2014 and 2015) 123  

*GRE verbal and quantitative scores in the 80% range and at least one score above the average.

Is work experience required to be accepted in the program?

While we do not require work experience, we strongly recommend at least two to three years of professional work experience. In addition to their strong contributions they make to the classroom, students with substantial professional work experience find the MBA more enriching, professionally and personally.

If you do not have professional work experience, discuss the contributions you can make to the program in your essays, based on internship experiences or leadership activities in your undergraduate program.

I have not taken any undergraduate courses in business. Will that affect my chances of admission?

No, this will not affect your admission and you will not be at a disadvantage in classes. About 75% of our MBA students hold non-business undergraduate degrees. The admissions committee strives to admit students from a wide range of undergraduate and professional backgrounds.

Are there any education prerequisites to the MBA program?

Yes, a bachelor's degree. We welcome applicants with accredited bachelor's degrees from all academic backgrounds.

Am I eligible for admission to your program if I have an MBA from another institution?

If you have an MBA from an institution outside the U.S., you may be eligible for admission. If you have an MBA from another institution inside the U.S., you are ineligible to qualify for admission to our MBA program.

Application Process
What are the application deadlines for the MBA program?
Application Deadlines:
Round 1 October 15
Round 2 January 15
Round 3 March 15
Round 4 May 15
After May 15 Contact us for availability or call 404.894.8722.

Visit the Apply page for a complete list of upcoming Full-time MBA deadlines, updates, and more details on application requirements.

How can I apply?

Submit the online application. The online application enables you to create a username and password to save your work and return at a later time to complete. Follow the instructions for the Georgia Tech graduate application process.

What materials must be received before the application is considered complete and can be evaluated?

For a preliminary evaluation, the application and unofficial GMAT or GRE scores are required. However, applicants cannot be admitted until all application documents are received, including the application, official GMAT or GRE scores, academic transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and official TOEFL scores (if applicable).

What are the application essays?
There are two required essays and one optional essay.
1. Respond to one of the topics below (Required):
A.) Describe a risk that you have taken and discuss its impact on your life.
B.) If you could trade places with someone for one day, who would it be and why?

There is no right answer. We want you to be yourself, creative, and thoughtful in your response.

2. Why an MBA and why Georgia Tech? (Required)
Describe how your experiences, both professional and personal, have led you to the decision to pursue an MBA at Georgia Tech. Discuss your short- and long-term career goals and how Georgia Tech is best suited to help you achieve your goals.

3. Optional Essay
The Admissions Committee believes that the required essays address issues that help us learn about you and understand your candidacy for the MBA program; however, you may provide us with any additional information pertinent to your admission that has not been previously covered in the rest of the application. Feel free to discuss any unique aspects of your candidacy or any perceived weaknesses.

Please note that there is a 4,000 character maximum (including spaces) for each essay, so please be sure to keep that in mind should you choose to work on the essays in advance.

What should I do if I can't submit all application materials by the deadline?

Contact us online or call us at +001.404.894.8722.

I am scheduled to take the GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL right before the application deadline, so I won't have my official scores in time. What should I do?

Taking the GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL right before the application deadline is fine. When you submit the online application, you can include your unofficial scores and the admissions committee can begin a preliminary evaluation of your application. An admission decision cannot be made until the official scores are received.

I want to send my official GMAT scores to Georgia Tech for the Full-time MBA program. What is the institute code?

The institute code for the Full-time MBA program is: HWK-54-37

I want to send my official GRE scores to Georgia Tech for the Full-time MBA program. What is the institute code?

The institute code for the Full-time MBA program is: 5248

How can I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your admission online at: Georgia Tech Graduate Studies Website.

If you still have questions or concerns after checking your status online, contact us. Please note, we typically receive your official GMAT or GRE scores in about a week, but scores take additional time to post on the online application status check.

Is it possible to waive the GMAT or GRE?

No, it's not possible to waive the GMAT or GRE for admission to the Full-time MBA program. A valid GMAT or GRE score is required of all applicants to the Full-time and Evening MBA programs regardless of academic or professional background. No exceptions are made to this policy. The GMAT or GRE must be taken within five years of our receipt of your application. If your GMAT or GRE score is older than five years, you must retake the test.

Are applicants to the MBA program required to interview?

Yes, however, admission interviews are by invitation only. If you're selected for an interview, an admissions representative will contact you to schedule. We encourage you to interview on-campus. However, if you're unable to come in person, we will schedule a phone or Skype interview. Full-time MBA applicants may interview with both Admissions and Career Services.

Have plans to visit in-person before you apply? If you have not submitted your application but believe you have competitive test scores and work experience, you can send your resume and a copy of your test scores to to see if you're eligible to schedule a pre-application on-campus admissions interview.

If I am a permanent resident, is the application process different?

If you're a permanent resident of the United States, you must include a copy of your Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), both front and back, with your application. The remaining application process is the same as for U.S. citizens. Permanent residents are exempt from the TOEFL and are not required to submit financial documents.

International Applicants
Who is considered an international applicant?

Georgia Tech considers you an international applicant if you are neither a U.S. citizen nor a U.S. permanent resident, regardless of where in the world you live.

What is the admissions process for international applicants?

International applications are evaluated in the same manner as U.S. applicants. Non-United States citizens may need to submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. Application processing may take longer due to the review of foreign academic transcripts and financial documents. We strongly encourage all international applicants to submit application materials early to expedite the admissions process.

Who is required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?

Applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States, and are from a country where English is not the sole official language of instuction, and have not successfully completed a year of college/university level study in the United States or another country where English is the sole official language must submit a valid TOEFL score.

Countries where English is the sole official language include Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada (except Quebec), England, Ghana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Trinidad, Tobago, Uganda, and Wales.

Scores are valid for two years.

Find a testing center and register for the TOEFL test.

What is the minimum TOEFL score needed to be admitted?

The minimum TOEFL score is 100 on the Internet-Based Test (iBT) or 600 on the Paper-Based Test (PBT).

I want to send my official TOEFL score to Georgia Tech. What is your institute code and department code?
  • Institute Code: 5248
  • Department Code: 02
Is financial aid available for non-United States citizens?

All applicants, including international students, are considered for funding. The primary form of funding for non-U.S. citizens is graduate assistantships. Funding is limited and is awarded based on merit.

International students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid programs. A variety of privately funded loan programs may be available — view the International Students' page on Georgia Tech's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Website.

How do I receive a visa?

All non-U.S. citizens must provide a certified financial statement outlining the financial resources available to them for their study in the United States. No visa documents will be issued until the Graduate Office receives documentation that the applicant has sufficient resources to meet the expenses for at least the first year of graduate study at Georgia Tech.

Certification of the availability of these funds must be included after admission and confirmation of intent to enroll. All documents must be originals. No photocopies or faxes will be accepted.

If a person or organization will be providing the funds on the student's behalf, an official letter of support from the sponsor is required. The letter should include the full name of the sponsor, his/her relationship to the applicant, and the amount and length of the support.

Georgia state legislature approves tuition amounts annually in April; I-20 processing begins each May. The I-20s will be delivered to the student via express mail. For more information on I-20 processing, visit the Office of International Education Process for Issuing a Graduate I-20 page.

A certified financial statement must:

  • Show available funds
  • Be dated within six months of our receipt of your application
  • Be legible and in English
  • Show the equivalent of a U.S. dollar figure for the date of the statement, if funds are held in another currency

For more information on financial document requirements visit the Office of International Education Financial Document Requirements page.

What are the educational requirements for admission to the MBA program?

All applicants to the MBA program must hold the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree to be considered for admission. A three-year degree is not equivalent to the U.S. bachelor's degree. Neither professional designations nor work experience will count toward the fourth year of study.

What academic documents are required for application to the program?
The Georgia Tech Graduate Studies Office requires the following documents from international applicants:
  • Official Native Language Transcripts
  • Official English Translation of the Native Language Transcript
  • Official Native Language Degree Documents
  • Official English Translation of the Native Language Degree Document

For more information, visit the Georgia Tech Graduate Studies Office Website.

Does Georgia Tech accept evaluations of academic documents from private sources, such as Josef Silney or WES?

The Georgia Tech MBA Admissions Office does not accept any private evaluation of academic documents. Official transcripts and degree documents must be submitted at the time of application and the Georgia Tech Graduate Admissions Office will evaluate them.

Financial Information
What are the tuition and fees for the MBA program?
Annual Tuition & Fees (2015-2016)
Georgia resident tuition $28,896
Non-resident tuition $39,484
Mandatory fees $2,192

Note: Tuition and fees are applicable for the Full-time MBA program for the 2015–2016 academic year (fall 2015 and spring 2016 semesters) and are subject to change after any academic term.

Are there opportunities for funding or financial assistance?

Yes, more than 50% of Full-time MBA students receive funding from the College of Business including graduate assistantships (GAs) and fellowships. All applicants, resident and non-resident, who apply by January 15 are eligible for College funding consideration.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants are assigned to work with a faculty member or administrator in the College for up to 14 hours per week in exchange for a monthly salary and tuition reduction. The estimated value of an assistantship may be as high as $93,000 depending on the type of award and residency status.


The College of Business offers a limited number of fellowships to MBA students. You may be nominated by the MBA Admissions Committee for a fellowship upon completion of your application.

Education Loans

MBA students may be eligible for education loans. To learn more about graduate financial aid and loan programs, visit Georgia Tech's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Website.

International students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid programs. However, a variety of privately funded loan programs may be available — view the International Students page on Georgia Tech's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Website.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program

Effective August 1, 2011, qualified U.S. veterans may be eligible to receive financial support for tuition, mandatory fees, books, and housing. Yellow Ribbon is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, and slots are limited. Visit the Registrar's Website for more information.

Additional information is available through the Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Website,or you may contact us with questions.

You may also review general information regarding financing your degree on

Career Development
Is an MBA a good path for someone looking to switch careers?

Yes. The MBA is a natural way of switching careers. When it's a competitive job market, a career change becomes more challenging. One of the keys to changing careers is obtaining a summer internship in the new field.

What support do you offer for job searches and career development?

The Jones MBA Career Center is a state-of-the-art facility that offers exemplary career resources and one-on-one career advisement for MBA students. The process begins in the summer before school starts by helping students develop individual plans that will lead to challenging and rewarding opportunities while enrolled in the program, upon graduation, and throughout their careers.

Our primary focus is for all students to have a great job by graduation. The following is a typical career development schedule for students enrolled in the Full-time MBA program:

Year 1
Summer (process begins before classes start)
  • Meet with your career advisor, who will work with you during the MBA program
  • Update your MBA resume
  • Create an initial career declaration worksheet to discuss with your advisor
  • Complete CareerLeader, an online employment career assessment tool
Fall Semester
  • Complete 28-hour, 8-week Career Development Workshop
  • Attend fall recruiting corporate presentations
  • Attend national career fairs
  • Meet with your career advisor
  • Complete qualifying interview
Spring Semester
  • Search for summer internship
  • Meet regularly with advisor to enhance interview skills
  • Participate in on-campus recruiting for internships
Year 2
Summer Semester
  • Summer Internship
  • Conduct networking meetings to explore additional career opportunities
Fall Semester
  • 35% of students typically accept permanent jobs from internships
  • Attend fall recruiting corporate presentations
  • Attend national career fairs
  • Meet with your career advisor
Spring Semester
  • 50-65% of students typically have accepted permanent jobs by the beginning of the second semester
  • Continue job search activities
Why are your employment numbers consistently high?

We believe it's a combination of the experience of our career advisors, the size of our program, and career services' involvement in the admission process.

We have a very experienced staff of advisors with college recruiting expertise and a wide range of corporate experience. Advisors served in various career development, human resources, and management roles at companies including AT&T, IBM, and HP.

The size of our program allows for more personal attention and a very low ratio of students to career advisor (25:1) compared to other schools.

Career services is part of the interview and admissions process. Our goal is to have every student graduate with the exciting career of their choice, and students are admitted with success in mind. We listen to your career aspirations and have a very open dialogue with you about your opportunity to reach that goal.

What placement success have students had?

Achievements include:

  • 96% employed three months after graduation.
  • Consistently in the top tier for employment record at graduation among all U.S. News ranked Full-time MBA programs.

View the latest Georgia Tech career results and placement figures on the Full-time MBA Career Development page.

Reapplication & Readmission
What is your policy on deferred admission?

Generally, admission can be deferred for one year. If you are admitted and want to defer your admission, contact us online or call 404.894.8722 for more information.

If I have applied for admission previously, do I need to submit application materials again?

We keep your application for one year. If you are reapplying in the year immediately following your initial application, you will not need to resubmit the full application. You should submit a letter of reconsideration and an updated resume to us via .

If it has been more than a year since you first applied, you must resubmit your application.

If I am not accepted and wish to re-apply for the next year, what advice can you give me to help me improve my application?

Applicants interested in having their applications reconsidered for the next admissions year should submit a letter of reconsideration, as well as an updated resume. The letter should address steps taken to improve the new application [e.g., new test scores (GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL), additional coursework, additional work experience, etc.]

If I am not accepted, may I get feedback on my application?

We will be happy to provide feedback via email or schedule a 15-minute interview, to discuss the reason(s) why an application was declined. Many of our applicants are good candidates for admission, but may not be competitive when compared to the current group of applicants.

Are re-applicants at a disadvantage because they applied previously?

No. Each application is reviewed on its own merits.