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At the core of any organization are its people. The competitive demands placed on organizations to be nimble, to produce more with higher quality, to change constantly, to be more innovative, and to partner more effectively require a fundamental understanding of individual and collective behavior in organizations.

People-related issues such as leadership, human resource management, motivation, teamwork, conflict resolution, organizational structure, culture, change management, creativity, and innovation are key to the ability of firms to compete effectively in increasingly demanding and rapidly-changing environments.

The organizational behavior area focuses on these issues in its research, teaching, and doctoral training. Our world-class faculty are thought leaders in their areas of specialization, and are among the most respected educators and researchers in the field of organizational behavior.

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Undergraduate Executive MBA
Full-time MBA PhD
Evening MBA
Current Areas of Research
  • Cross-cultural management issues
  • Effectiveness of health service organizations
  • Enhancing employee creativity
  • Goal setting for individuals and teams
  • Individual differences
  • Influences and consequences of diversity
  • Job search and recruitment
  • Leadership
  • Managerial cognition
  • Managerial goals
  • Motivational goals
  • Newcomer adjustment process
  • Organizational change and turbulence
  • Organizational identity
  • Organizational justice
  • Person-organization fit
  • Relational identity identification
  • Social and human capital
  • Social entrepreneurship and nonprofit organizations
  • Status loss
  • Structuring work environments for creativity and innovation
  • Team performance and effectiveness
  • Workplace aggression

Working Papers

Published Papers

Organizational Behavior Faculty
Terry Blum
Professor, Program Director, Special Chairholder, PhD Coordinator 
Gail Evans
Part-Time Lecturer 
Eugene Kim
Assistant Professor 
Dong Liu
Assistant Professor 
Jennifer Carson Marr
Assistant Professor 
Gregory Marr
Stuart Milne
Part-Time Lecturer 
Dennis Nagao
Associate Professor 
Charles Parsons
Christina Shalley
Area Coordinator, Professor, Special Chairholder 
David Sluss
Associate Professor 
Brian Swider
Assistant Professor 
Robert Thomas
Professor of the Practice