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Meet Ernest Scheller Jr.

Meet Ernest Scheller Jr.

Ernest "Ernie" Scheller Jr. graduated from Georgia Tech in 1952 with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management. Mr. Scheller gave a $50 million gift that led to the renaming of the business school from the Georgia Tech College of Management to the Scheller College of Business in 2012.

Roberta and Ernest Scheller Jr.
Roberta and Ernest "Ernie" Scheller Jr.

In the fall of 2009, an anonymous donor gave $25 million to the school, $20 million of which was a dollar-for-dollar challenge grant designed to inspire other donors. The man behind the gift was a closely guarded secret until summer 2012, as the challenge grant edged closer to completion. Then suddenly, the news broke. With an additional $25 million commitment, the College gained its Scheller name. Furthermore, the $20 million challenge grant was completed in early 2013, tripling the College's endowment through the creation of faculty chairs and professorships, student scholarships and fellowships, and other opportunities.

About Ernest Scheller Jr.

Ernest Scheller Jr. is chairman emeritus of Pennsylvania-based Silberline Manufacturing Inc., an international company his father founded in the 1940s that is now a leading global supplier of aluminum effect pigments used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, from automotive paints and printing inks to plastics, protective coatings, and consumer packaged goods. If your car has a metallic finish, chances are, the shimmer was provided by Silberline.

“Georgia Tech taught me the importance of perseverance and persistence,” says Scheller. “Over the years, I’ve applied those same principles to my support of Georgia Tech and its College of Business. In order to build a College that will rank among the world’s best business programs, you’ve got to have great leadership, a broad-based vision, and a lot of determination.

I have never been more optimistic about the future of Georgia Tech and its College of Business, and I am eager to see the great things that will happen there in the coming years.
- Ernest Scheller Jr.