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Recruit MBAs

Consistently recognized externally for excellence by industry publications, employers, and Georgia Tech Scheller MBAs themselves, the Jones MBA Career Center offers a personal approach for intentional employer partnerships.

Our student-to-advisor ratio of approximately 42:1 allows us to work closely with both employers and students to ensure maximum success in the recruitment process. Our staff brings strong business experience to our corporate relationships and companies have a dedicated team member assigned to assist them throughout the recruitment process.

Unmatched Georgia Tech Scheller MBA Talent

Georgia Tech Scheller MBAs have earned a reputation among corporate recruiters for their leadership skills, strong work ethic, excellent analytical abilities, and demonstrated ability to succeed. Our MBAs come from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, providing employers with a diverse pool of strong candidates. Our MBA program's focus on technology, innovation, experiential learning, and collaboration sets our students apart from other MBAs, and they are eager to add value to your organization.

Our candidate pool averages more than 200 active job seekers. Most students enter the MBA program with more than five years of professional work experience. The MBA programs offer focused study options in strategy and innovation, information technology management, operations and supply chain management, sustainability, marketing, finance, and more.

How to Recruit Scheller MBAs

If you would like to interview and hire Georgia Tech Scheller MBA students, host company information sessions, or review the pool of MBA talent, please contact Frankie Massaroni, MBA Career Services Manager at 404-894-2620, or contact the Corporate Relations Manager assigned to your organization.

We will work closely with you to build a schedule that meets your needs. We do not charge employers for resume books, job postings, interviewing, or information sessions on campus. We take care of setting up job postings and events through our online recruiting system for employers seeking MBA talent.

Information Sessions

We recommend that all companies interviewing students for internships and full-time jobs host an information session. Information sessions are the best way for companies to build brand awareness, explain their internship and job opportunities, answer questions, and meet students individually prior to and after the event.

Job Postings

If you are new to recruiting with the Georgia Tech Scheller MBA program, please email your internship and full-time job descriptions to Frankie Massaroni at . One of our Corporate Relations Managers will follow up with you to learn more about your hiring needs.

One-on-One Interviews

The Jones MBA Career Center can facilitate interview scheduling in virtual environments. We also offer comfortable private interview rooms in the Scheller College of Business building for MBA on-campus recruitment, along with conference rooms for interviewer debriefing. Your Corporate Relations Manager will work directly with you on selecting an appropriate date for your interviews.

Resume Books

There is no fee to receive resume books of MBA candidates seeking internships or full-time employment. Please contact your Corporate Relations Manager to request a resume book.  

Recruiting Scheller MBA Alumni

To post a job for Georgia Tech Scheller MBA alumni, please visit the Georgia Tech Alumni Association’s Career Services site.

Recruiting Calendars and Guidelines

Official School Calendar

Scheller MBA Offer and Acceptance Policy

Company offers and student acceptances represent a significant commitment by both parties. To balance the needs of recruiters and students, we have established the following policy.

  • All offers must be in writing. Written offers are defined as electronic or hard copies.

  • The written offer date determines the start of the timeline provisions outlined below.
Exploding Offers
  • Extending an exploding offer, defined as giving a candidate an unreasonably short time to accept an offer before it is revoked or substantially changed, is prohibited.

  • Financial incentives encouraging students to commit before the deadline are permitted, as long as the incentives are small relative to the overall value of the offer and still allow the student a minimum of two weeks decision time.
Offer Timelines
Full-time Offers
  • Full-time offers made in the fall semester should remain open until October 31 or a minimum of three weeks after the written offer, whichever is later.

  • Full-time offers made in the spring semester through April 1 should remain open for a minimum of three weeks after the date of the written offer.

  • After April 1, offers should remain open for a minimum of two weeks after the date of the written offer.
Internship Offers
  • Internship offers should remain open until February 28 or a minimum of three weeks after the written offer, whichever is later.

  • After April 1, offers should remain open for a minimum of two weeks after the date of the written offer.

  • Companies that recruit first-year MBA students for internships at national and diversity conferences prior to the start date of the spring semester should allow those internship offers to remain open until February 28 in alignment with our internship recruiting guidelines.
Internship to Full-time Offers
  • Full-time offers made to students that have completed a summer internship with your company should remain open until October 31 or a minimum of three weeks after the written offer, whichever is later.
Student Accountability
  • All acceptances must be in writing. Acceptances may occur by electronic or hard copy.

  • If a student accepts a written offer of employment and later rescinds on the acceptance, please notify the Jones MBA Career Center. We recognize the importance of integrity in accepting an offer and will follow up with the student immediately. We have provisions to penalize students and remove recruiting privileges if these circumstances arise. Students sign and are expected to abide by our code of conduct.

The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center is located across the street from the Scheller College of Business building. This is the most convenient hotel option when scheduling multiple-day visits. There are several other hotels located close to the Scheller College of Business.

Full-time MBA Compensation Summary
Class of 2020 Compensation Summary
Average starting base salary $121,045
Employment three months after graduation 90.4%
Graduates receiving a signing bonus 82%
Average signing bonus $25,040

Data adheres to MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA) Standards for reporting full-time MBA employment statistics. 98% of Class of 2020 graduates submitted salary data.

Average Class Profile
Program Length 2 Years
Average Class Size
75-85 Students
Average Work Experience 5 years
Average Undergraduate GPA
Middle 80% GMAT score range  584 - 736 (average 681)
Middle 80% GRE quantitative score range 152 – 166* (average 159)
Middle 80% GRE verbal score range 152 – 167* (average 158)

*GRE verbal and quantitative scores in the 80% range and at least one score above the average.