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Why Should Georgia Tech PhD Students Get Involved with TI:GER?

Are you a PhD candidate with research that has the potential to be translated into a successful technology innovation? The Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) program at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is a vehicle for bringing your discovery to market and sharing it with the world, while catalyzing your career success.

Since 2002, the TI:GER program has connected PhD students with MBA students from Georgia Tech and JD students from Emory in a 16-month program that includes classes, labs, networking opportunities, and more. TI:GER accepts PhD students from Georgia Tech’s Colleges of Computing, Engineering, and Sciences in areas including biotech, biomedical, communications technology, health care technology, information technology, materials technology, robotics, sensors, software, and more.

What benefits do PhD students see from their participation in TI:GER?

1. Learn how to successfully bring ideas to market through a unique, experiential curriculum.

Students in the 12-credit TI:GER program attend lectures and virtual labs while simultaneously collaborating on technology innovation projects brought by PhD candidates or CDL-Atlanta. With the expertise and guidance of faculty, PhD advisors, and mentors, TI:GER students acquire and develop the practical skills essential to turn ideas into successful innovations. Along the way, the program offers insights into the commercial potential of research. These insights can help direct that research toward more useful applications, assist in relevant grant proposals, and more.

“This program allowed me to learn what was missing in science and engineering school, to make research more practical, and to add value sought by customers. This ranges from strategy and market discovery to the legal aspects required to make a technology venture successful,” said Ali Eshaghian Dorche, PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering.

2. Equip yourself to make the leap from academics to high-growth ventures, consultancies, corporate product development, or R&D positions.

The TI:GER program equips PhDs to make the leap from academics to a variety of positions and industries, including finance, marketing, operations, and strategy.

“TI:GER fundamentally changed my career trajectory – the skills I learned during the program shaped the way I think about and tackle business-related challenges within biotechnology. It enabled a transition from the lab to a leadership position at a hot biotech company developing cutting edge cancer drugs,” said Stephanie Duncanson, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Oncorus and PhD graduate in Biomedical Engineering.

3. Build an invaluable network of experts across industries and functions.

TI:GER also provides access to a broad network including more than 640 TI:GER alumni and mentors. Numerous alumni mentors help guide projects and make recommendations not only from their experiences in the program, but also in their current positions in start-ups, global corporations, and consultancies.

Chris Lee, former CEO and Founder of Vertera (now part of Nuvasive) said, “TI:GER gave me the fundamental knowledge, network, and initiative to start, scale, and eventually sell my company that commercialized a university-based technology. This has allowed us to improve the lives of over 10,000 patients around the world who previously suffered from chronic neck and back pain.”

The TI:GER program is now accepting applications for its cohort starting in January 2021, with a final application deadline of October 1.

Learn if the program is right for you by registering for the upcoming online Information Session on Thursday, July 23, at 12 p.m. ET.

For more information on the program, visit

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