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Michael Lowe Chosen as One of Poets and Quants Favorite Professors

Michael Lowe, assistant professor of Marketing

Michael Lowe, assistant professor of Marketing

Michael Lowe, assistant professor of Marketing at Scheller College of Business has been chosen by Poets and Quants as one of the nation’s favorite business professors in its October 8 article “The Favorite Professors of Business Majors.”

“I admit my natural reaction (to getting this recognition) is to actually feel a little embarrassed about this. I don’t try to teach well for recognition. I try to teach well because it’s a responsibility to the students that I take very seriously,” said Lowe.

Meredith Wolpert, (BA ’19) is just one of his students who has benefitted from the dedication Lowe gives his students. She describes him as someone who “goes the extra mile” and really listens to his students , incorporating their feedback to improve coursework. Says Wolpert, “He has created such a positive impact on the Scheller community, and I am forever grateful for all the lessons – both inside the classroom and out – that he has taught me.”

Lowe joined Scheller College in 2015. His academic credentials include a BA in Music from Brigham Young University, an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. His focus is interpersonal influence and sensory marketing. Lowe’s previous awards include Texas A&M Mays Business School’s Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award in 2012 and Scheller College’s Professor of the Year in 2017.

His research in music’s affects on marketing was highlighted in Scheller College of Business’ 2017 Dean’s Report article “If Size Matters: Lower Your Pitch,” in which Lowe, and colleague Kelly L. Haws, professor of Marketing at Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management, published as “Sounds Big: The Effects of Acoustic Pitch on Product Perceptions” in the Journal of Marketing Research 54.2 (2017): 331-346.

Scheller colleague and marketing co-author, Cem Ozturk, assistant professor of Marketing, describes Lowe as follows: “Productive. Fun. Entrepreneurial. Humble. Enthusiastic. Professional. These qualities (and many more) make Mike a rare and invaluable co-author while creating new marketing knowledge. We are very fortunate to have him in our Marketing group at Scheller.”

The father to five takes his teaching seriously and is constantly looking to improve the student experience. Says Lowe, “I really, genuinely, love those who I teach and want them to learn, succeed, and make this world better in whatever way they can,” he relayed.

On winning the Poets and Quants Favorite Professors of Business Majors award, Lowe remains humble. “I feel slightly uncomfortable because I know I have a million things I’d like to do better as a teacher. My goal is to get better, always. And there is plenty of room for improvement.”

While Lowe may feel the need to improve as a professor, his students and colleagues at Scheller believe he personifies the qualities deserving of the title “favorite professor.”

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