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The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business faculty includes many world-renowned experts on subjects covering all areas of global business. Browse our list and submit the media inquiry form below for more information or to schedule an interview.

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Profile image for Atalay Atasu
Atalay Atasu
Dunn Family Professor
Circular Economy, Socially and Environmentally Responsible Operations, Environmental Regulation
Profile image for Michael Buchanan
Michael Buchanan
Marketing strategy, marketing trends (consumer behavior, social media, advertising), digital marketing.
Profile image for Andras Danis
Andras Danis
Assistant Professor
Corporate bankruptcy and reorganization; Credit default swaps (CDS); Credit risk and default risk; Corporate debt such as corporate bonds and bank loans; Corporate capital structure (i.e., the choice between equity, debt, and other types of financing).
Profile image for Deven Desai
Deven Desai
Associate Professor
Intellectual property (especially trademark and copyright), Technology law, Privacy, Government surveillance, 3d printing, Tech disruption, Branding, and Corporate social responsibility.
Profile image for Lucien Dhooge
Lucien Dhooge
Sue and John Staton Professor
Business ethics; International business law; Real estate law; Business law topics (especially torts, contracts, constitutional law and equal employment opportunity laws), and Business and Religion.
Profile image for Jonathan Giuliano
Jonathan Giuliano
Executive Director and Academic Director of TI:GER
Strategy and innovation
Profile image for Aaron Hackett
Aaron Hackett
Part-Time Lecturer
Brand Management and Digital Marketing
Profile image for Jeffrey Hales
Jeffrey Hales
Catherine W. and Edwin A. Wahlen, Jr.
Financial reporting policy; Sustainability reporting policy
Profile image for Timothy Halloran
Timothy Halloran
Consumer Marketing and Brand Management
Profile image for Matthew Higgins
Matthew Higgins
Associate Professor of Strategy & Innovation
Pharmaceutical economics, corporate strategy
Profile image for Manpreet S. Hora
Manpreet S. Hora
Associate Professor
Product Recalls; Process Failures; Operational Risk in Supply Chains.
Profile image for Alex Hsu
Alex Hsu
Assistant Professor
Monetary policy and macroeconomics
Profile image for Narayanan Jayaraman
Narayanan Jayaraman
Thomas R. Williams-Wells Fargo Professor of Finance
Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Corporate Boards, CEOs, Corporate Culture, Corporate Bankruptcy
Profile image for Ajay K. Kohli
Ajay K. Kohli
Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Chair in Management
Market orientation, customer-centricity; Delivering end-to-end solutions; Delivering customer experience; Building customer value propositions.
Profile image for John McIntyre
John McIntyre
Executive Director, GT CIBER
European Union markets, Foreign direct investment, International trade negotiations, Transatlantic Trade Agreement, Transpacific Trade Agreement, Regional economic integration, Export-Import policy, China foreign direct investment, Sustainable development and the multinational corporation, French investment in the US
Profile image for Charles Mulford
Charles Mulford
Invesco Chair
Profile image for Eric Overby
Eric Overby
Associate Professor
Electronic commerce and how it facilitates matching of buyers and sellers in different locations. How people use new technology channels relative to “traditional” channels.
Profile image for Morvarid Rahmani
Morvarid Rahmani
Assistant Professor
Operations Management, Collaboration and Teamwork, and Project Management
Profile image for Ravi Subramanian
Ravi Subramanian
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Environmental Sustainability and Healthcare (especially: policy and firm perspectives on environmental legislation, the business value of sustainability initiatives/sustainability leadership, remanufactured/refurbished products. Issues in organ donation and recovery.
Profile image for L. Beril Toktay
L. Beril Toktay
Brady Family Chair in Management
Supply chain management; Manufacturing operations; Sustainable business; Sustainable communities; Undergraduate education; Diversity in education and the workplace; Women’s participation in business.