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Anik Khan, Scheller alumni and CEO of MaxRewards
Anik Khan, Scheller alumni and CEO of MaxRewards

Meet Anik Khan: Scheller Alum and FinTech Entrepreneur

As a son of immigrant parents from Bangladesh, Anik Khan had his first experience as an entrepreneur when he began creating websites for businesses while still in middle school. Now, he is the co-founder and CEO of MaxRewards, a digital wallet app that helps customers manage multiple credit cards and maximize rewards. Khan has earned over $30,000 in credit card and travel rewards, and his app has helped over 15,000 people earn $25M in rewards in just the past year alone.

Khan credits his parents for instilling in him a drive to succeed. They moved from Bangladesh to the U.S. to provide a better life for their children. While living in New York City, his mother used to take him to school on the subway and walk back to save money. The family eventually settled in Atlanta when they learned of Georgia Tech’s reputation, and Khan graduated from Scheller with highest honors in finance and economics.

Listen to more of Khan’s journey from a young entrepreneur, successful Scheller graduate, to fintech founder in the latest episode of the Intersection podcast, hosted by Scheller alumi Alex Walsh (MBA ’18).


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