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Scheller MBA Student Presidents Receive Most Valuable Students Award

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business prides itself on offering its MBA students opportunities to hone their leadership skills through structured programs that extend far past the rigorous curriculum. The College provides opportunities for business students to foster leadership experience while learning from seasoned alumni and students. When students take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, innovation and creation abound.

Jacquelyn Schneider and Christopher Bergman are no strangers to these opportunities. This November, these two Scheller College students were awarded the Most Valuable Students award at the 2nd annual Rice University MBA Student Government Leadership Summit in Houston, Texas. Jacquelyn Renée Schneider (President of the MBA Graduate Evening MBA Students) and Christopher Bergman (President of the full-time MBA Graduate Business Council) were given the inaugural award for their presentation on Engaging MBA Student Leadership, a topic selected as one of five student-lead discussions at the summit. Fifty MBA programs from around the country were invited to attend.

Schneider and Bergman were keen to address the topic of student leadership in their presentation thanks to their own experiences in the full-time and evening MBA programs offered by Scheller College. Their personal history of utilizing the resources offered by the College have translated to optimal leadership opportunities, including their involvement as student government presidents for their respective programs.

Schneider's commitment to Scheller College's diversity and inclusion programs are part of the reason she was inspired to take on larger roles, eventually leading her to become president of the evening MBA students. "I was more interested in diversity, including Blacks In Business and Women In Business," Schneider recalls, "which goes to show our programs are as diverse as our students. The ability to facilitate action, no matter a student's background, is what sets Scheller College apart in its ability to produce successful leaders."

Bergman agrees that Scheller College's facilitation and enthusiasm to help its students excel is part of the reason many of them succeed, "These leadership opportunities, in combination with our formal coursework and speaker series, allow 100% of our full-time MBA students to take on leadership roles and enhance their leadership skillset."

Fostered by Scheller College's robust MBA student programs, there are over 75 formal student leadership positions for full-time and evening MBA programs, clubs, and community/culture development initiatives.

In fact, Bergman goes on to note, "what we're proud of is giving the students the ability to create what they think they need. In the last year, we've had seven new initiatives created by students based on what they feel they need. At Scheller College, they're given the space to accomplish those goals and we're incredibly proud of that."

What's more, Scheller College's physical location in the heart of Tech Square keeps Schneider, Bergman and the rest of the MBA student population constantly curious and innovative. "Being in Atlanta, near Tech Square and the innovation hubs, we're not shy about being innovative and trying new things. Students know before coming that if something doesn't exist they can lead the charge in creating new solutions," notes Schneider.

Schneider and Bergman are living examples of what can be achieved through Scheller College's leadership offerings. They both agree that the three goals they want to achieve with their student leadership positions are to enhance the student experience, make sure every student feels accepted and included in the environment, and build up the program from a mentoring and professional aspect - increasing the caliber of candidates that the College has. All of this is to create the lifelong Scheller College experience.


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