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 Scheller College MBA Students Head West Leaving Atlanta’s Tech Square to Visit High-tech Companies in Silicon Valley
Scheller College MBA Students Head West Leaving Atlanta’s Tech Square to Visit High-tech Companies in Silicon Valley

Scheller College MBA Students Head West Leaving Atlanta’s Tech Square to Visit High-tech Companies in Silicon Valley

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business MBA students have just returned from their annual west coast technology trek where they had the opportunity to meet with business leaders in the high-tech industry.

From AutoDesk, Facebook, and The GAP, to Google, Twitter, and WalmartLabs, the MBA students visited companies with world-class design and ground-breaking business strategies and had the opportunity to ask questions and get real-world insights.

WalmartLabs, one of companies the students visited on their second day provided a valuable look into specific technologies they’re currently utilizing. "WalmartLabs mentioned that they use machine learning to gain a more accurate depiction of how long it will take to deliver orders to customers," Justin Haffad, a Georgia Tech undergraduate alumni and first year Scheller College MBA student noted. "It made me think about all of the ways that machine learning is being applied now in all industries and how important it is for me to continue to learn that skill."

These real-world experiences of visiting companies that are continuously driving business through innovation creates an environment of learning that can prove invaluable to the students’ futures.

Student Christi King reflects on the impact of the trek, "The trip was very educational. Getting to see the inside of some of the most well-known companies in the world was thrilling.  To me it reinforced everything our professors have discussed in the classroom. I felt like I was able to apply some of that new knowledge in my research and, especially with the tech side, be able to keep up and connect all of the complexities of the businesses."

Brian Jennings, associate dean of executive education at Scheller College, designs each trip with a team of Scheller College faculty to ensure the students receive the most advantageous experience while in Silicon Valley. "The annual Scheller College West Coast Trek allows our students to gain unparalleled exposure to the intersection of business and technology. From meeting with top-tier technology companies and applying their classroom learning, to having face-time with C-level executives and beneficial Georgia Tech alumni networking opportunities, we leave each trip confident that our students will be poised to excel after graduation."

In addition to top-ranked curriculum and classroom learning, Scheller College provides MBA candidates with exclusive experiential opportunities, like these company visits, as well as a strong Georgia Institute of Technology alumni network.

"Tech Trek is an invaluable opportunity to tour amazing companies while also being able to network on a more personal level with the employees," Chandler Ferguson, an upcoming two-time Scheller College graduate notes. "The networking event each night invited all alumni in the area to attend-- not just alumni from the participating companies."

In advance of the trip, students prepare their resumes which are then sent electronically to the leaders of the companies they visit.  The trip culminated with a Scheller College alumni reception in Palo Alto, California, open to all alumni in this key high-tech region. This fully immersive experience makes this trek the perfect real-world application to a long semester of study, designed with the students’ careers objectives in mind.



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