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Scheller College's Brian Swider Discusses First Impressions on the Today Show

The Today Show featured Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business assistant professor of Organizational Behavior, Brian Swider, Ph.D., in its three-part series on first impressions. Brian Swider’s research, cited in the British Psychological Society Research Digest, focused on the importance of the first few minutes of job interviews.

A few tips from Brian’s research found that nodding your head, smiling along with the conversation, and even the pitch of your voice can play a “massive part” in first impressions. He goes on to say first impressions are responsible for 25% of job interview scores.

Please take a moment to enjoy watching the first impressions job interview segment that aired January 16, 2018, featuring Today Show’s Sheinelle Jones and Scheller College’s Brian Swider. 


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