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Sean Flynn looks forward to working for JP Morgan in New York City after graduation.
Sean Flynn looks forward to working for JP Morgan in New York City after graduation.

From Yellow Jackets to Worker Bees - Sean Flynn

Fourth-year business administration major Sean Flynn will move to New York City after graduation to work at JP Morgan. Flynn feels he is well-prepared for the transition to full-time work — during his four years at Tech, he interned with four different companies — and looks forward to using his experience in post-graduation employment.

“Each internship taught me something different,” he said. “I remember how nervous I was before the first day of work at my first internship after freshman year. That summer, I learned the basics of finance, and each internship thereafter further developed my skillset. By my fourth internship, I was much more confident and knowledgeable.”

Flynn was offered a chance to leave school and begin a full-time position before the start of his third year at Tech. He struggled with the decision but chose to finish his degree and does not regret his choice.

“Tech has taught me how to be comfortable in uncomfortable positions,” he said. “It has pushed me to become a better communicator, student, and person.”

Flynn has dreamed of working in New York City since high school and is excited to accomplish one of his major goals. To students looking for work experience, he said, “Reach out to alumni. They are willing to help you, keep you on track, and make sure that you’re following the right path."

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