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Denning T&M Program students traveled to the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland for their annual international experience.
Denning T&M Program students traveled to the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland for their annual international experience.

Steven A. Denning Technology & Management Program Creates the Next Innovative Leader

Today’s businesses are searching for innovative solutions that either increase efficiency, stock value, or the ability to lead within market segments. Additionally, they are looking to reduce costs, time-to-market, and environmental or societal impacts. But most importantly, they are looking for the next generation of leaders to spearhead these changes, and they are looking to Georgia Tech to help create these future leaders.

Over the last academic year, ten companies came to the Scheller College of Business to present real problems ranging from energy inefficiencies at their plants, to workplace safety issues in their factories, to customer turnover. In most cases, they had already attempted to solve these problems either internally or by hiring outside consultants. But what they had not tried was tapping into the collective, interdisciplinary input of undergraduate student teams from The Steven A. Denning Technology & Management (T&M) Program.

In 2007, program benefactor Steven A. Denning, IM 1970 set in motion what has now grown into one of Georgia Tech’s flagship interdisciplinary programs at the intersection of technology and business. He recognized that breakthroughs come from bringing together minds that understand and appreciate varied disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, and he wanted to give the Scheller College of Business the resources to help develop these minds year after year through participation in the Denning T&M Program.

At its inception, the Denning T&M Program partnered engineering and business students, and then expanded the partnership to include computer science and computational media students. As the program grew in size and impact, the time was right in 2016 to include additional undergraduate majors. In February 2016, the Denning T&M Program became officially open to all Georgia Tech undergraduate majors.

From now on, student teams in the Denning T&M Program will be more diverse and the effectiveness of their capstone project solutions will be unmatched. Corporate affiliates will benefit from teams that combine students with backgrounds in business, computer science, design, engineering, liberal arts, and science. They will also benefit from an entire program of students with a burgeoning global mindset. Since 2015, thanks to Mr. Denning’s continued generosity, Denning T&M Program students have had the opportunity to travel abroad for an annual week-long international experience. The first year brought students to Belgium, France, and Germany; the second to the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.

There is no telling how the T&M Program will transform its graduates’ futures, but one thing is for certain: the business world has its eyes on them.

Learn more and apply by this year's October 30, 2016 deadline. 


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