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Georgia Tech alumnus Mike Sutcliff (EE 1985, MS MGT 1987) is group chief executive at Accenture Digital.
Georgia Tech alumnus Mike Sutcliff (EE 1985, MS MGT 1987) is group chief executive at Accenture Digital.

Tech Alumnus and Accenture Digital Executive Talks Creating the Next Digital Transformation

Corporate connections are an integral part of the Scheller College of Business. The College strives to give its partners access to world's next leaders, while connecting Scheller students with dynamic executives from successful organizations.

On November 21, Scheller College MBA students had the opportunity to learn from a featured MBA corporate speaker and Georgia Tech alumnus Mike Sutcliff (EE 1985, MS MGT 1987), group chief executive at Accenture Digital.

In front of a full house, Sutcliff discussed the current impact and future effects of digital transformation in business and industry.

Mike Sutcliff speaks to a full house at Scheller College

"It's not about the technology. It's about how the technology allows people to do their job," said Sutcliff. "Being digital is about creating better experiences and outcomes.

After attending the talk, evening MBA student Andrew Jarrett said it was good to hear how the digital macro-trends are evolving in impactful ways.

"Some of Mike's examples, from improving public safety in Singapore, to drastically improving efficiency of London's water/wastewater systems, cut to the heart of digital transformation's ability to solve some of the most vexing problems facing our planet," said Jarrett who will work as a deputy operations manager and strategic enterprise lead at Jacobs Engineering when he graduates from the MBA program this fall.

"In other words, Mike really brought home the fact that Accenture is helping to do really cool things with digital tech that is changing the landscape of the human condition, even here in Atlanta."

Just after graduating from Tech in 1987, the double Jacket joined Anderson Consulting, which rebranded as Accenture in 2000, and today leads their Accenture Digital business, comprised of Accenture Analytics, Accenture Interactive, and Accenture Mobility. Together they offer a comprehensive portfolio of business and technology services across digital marketing, mobility and analytics.

In his role, Sutcliff focuses on leveraging the full breadth and scale of Accenture’s cloud, systems integration and enterprise application capabilities to help clients integrate digital into all facets of their organizations. He oversees a global team of 30,000 people who do everything from developing digital strategies to implementing digital technologies and running digital processes on behalf of clients.


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