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Scheller Formalizes Four New Interdisciplinary MBA Concentrations

Based on discussions and feedback from industry leaders, students, and an assessment of future trends, Scheller College’s renowned faculty recently formalized four new interdisciplinary concentrations of MBA study.

Building on Scheller’s existing strengths, these concentrations provide Full-time and Evening MBA students with a clear roadmap of courses and requirements to develop expertise in these areas as they plan their path to success in their chosen field.

  • Business Analytics, which will help MBA students learn how to transform data into relevant insights for making better decisions.
  • Managing Innovation and Technology, which will help students adapt to the rapidly changing world of business through an understanding of the creation of new products and services as well as evolution of the supply chain and delivery channels for goods and services.
  • Quantitative Finance, which will prepare students for success in a financial world that increasingly requires quantitative and computational skills.
  • Strategic Sustainability, which will help students understand business trends, innovation opportunities, emerging technologies, and policy developments related to resource scarcity, environmental concerns, and societal needs.

In addition to these four interdisciplinary MBA concentrations, Scheller also offers concentrations in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Technology Management, International Business, Law and Ethics, Leadership, Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Real Estate, and Strategic Management.

Students are not required to select or declare a concentration during the Full-time or Evening MBA program. Flexibility has always been a hallmark of the Georgia Tech MBA program, so students can customize their education with extensive course offerings from more than 10 academic and focus areas.

"Georgia Tech is a great place to advance your chosen career path," says Professor Vinod Singhal, associate dean of MBA programs. "Through the practical and real-world experiences emphasized by the Georgia Tech MBA education, you will develop into an innovative leader who knows how to spot emerging trends in the global market and leverage technology for competitive advantage."

To learn more about these new concentrations, visit the Full-time MBA courses page, the Evening MBA courses page, or contact us.


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