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Future MBA students admitted through Scheller College's MBA Pathway Program.
Future MBA students admitted through Scheller College's MBA Pathway Program.

MBA Pathway Program Enabling Tech Students to Earn Admission, Work Two Years, Then Start Degree

Shannon Mehl, BSBA 2014, says she jumped at the chance to gain acceptance into Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business’ MBA Program as she was preparing to graduate last year.

Normally, prospective MBA students are required to gain at least a few years of post-grad work experience before even being considered for Scheller College’s Full-time and Evening MBA programs.

But through Scheller’s MBA Pathway Program, Tech students like Mehl can get ahead by earning deferred admission, working for at least two years, and then starting their MBA (Full-time or Evening).

Mehl, who is now a key accounts support representative at Georgia Power, says that for her, the MBA Pathway Program was a “no-brainer.”

“You are studying for the GMAT while you are already in the study mode and applying for the program while you are already used to filling out applications,” she says. “It’s such a relief to graduate knowing you can start your MBA Program in two years and have to do no additional work in that time period because you are already accepted.”

Mehl, who will start the Evening MBA Program in August 2016, notes: “People at Georgia Power are very impressed that I not only know I want to pursue my MBA, but that I have already been accepted to a program. It shows that you think long-term and are interested in investing in your future. Employers really enjoy helping to develop people who plan for their future. 

Created in 2014, the MBA Pathway Program enables Georgia Tech undergraduate students from all disciplines to plan ahead for career advancement. Qualified students can secure admission during their final year of undergraduate students.

Those admitted through the Pathway Program to date have earned degrees in a range of fields, from business administration and computer science to aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering.

The next application deadline is August 1, 2015. To apply in 2015 (to be eligible to start the MBA in 2017), students’ graduation date must be December 2014, May 2015, or August 2015.

Georgia Tech undergrads interested in the MBA Pathway can learn more and apply at or contact the Graduate Office for more information at .

“You can start planning today to position yourself for leadership roles requiring greater understanding of the functional areas of business,” says Paula Wilson, Scheller College’s director of MBA admissions.

Caleb Kirksey, a computer science graduate who’s also been accepted to start the MBA in 2016, says his long-term goal is to start his own company, so he wants to complement his technical knowledge with a firm foundation in business.

Now a software engineer with Salesforce, Kirksey says, “I’m going to gain greater breadth and depth of business knowledge, including how to finance a new start-up as well as understand acquisition strategies. The MBA will be very useful for eventually starting my own business.”

He adds: “The Pathway program has allowed me to focus on the pivotal first two years of my career knowing that the MBA is waiting for me. Taking the GRE before even starting to work has enabled me to focus on my career so that I can make a smooth transition into graduate studies.”

His future MBA classmate Shannon Mehl says, “As a full-time employee, the promise of the MBA Pathway Program gives my work at Georgia Power an interesting perspective as I often think, ‘I can use this as an example in my MBA class.’”

For more information, visit the MBA Pathway page.


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