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Fortune Ranks Tech’s Undergrad Business Program 15th for ROI

Fortune magazine recently ranked Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business 15th in the nation as one of the best undergraduate programs for earning a degree in business.

Citing research from PayScale, Fortune says, “You don’t have to go to a pricey private school to reap the biggest return. In fact, you’re often better off at a state school.”

Ten of the 25 business schools ranked by Fortune for best return on investment are public.

To determine the rankings, PayScale calculated the expected return for colleges throughout the nation—how much more graduates earn over 20 years compared to high school grads, minus the total cost of school (everything from tuition to books) and the four years of income given up during college studies.

For Georgia Tech, PayScale estimated the 20-year net return on investment as $636,000.


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