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Georgia Tech's MBA Ranked in Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Top 30

Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business is ranked 28th (9th among public universities) in Bloomberg Businessweek's latest rankings of the nations's top full-time MBA programs.

This year Bloomberg Businessweek ranked 85 U.S. schools and 27 international schools, the largest group since the publication started ranking MBA programs in 1988.

To determine its rankings, Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed 21,833 graduating full-time MBAs at 138 participating schools. Survey questions covered the quality of academic and career development offerings, the student body and school culture, and students’ evaluation of their own skill sets.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek also surveyed recruiters from companies that hire MBAs and counted all articles published by faculty in 20 top business journals from 2009 to 2013.

In listings concerning business school payoff, Bloomberg Businessweek noted that the typical Scheller student left the MBA program with no debt (Scheller tied with Columbia for lowest median MBA debt). In rankings of return on investment (within a year after graduation), Scheller is listed 17th. 

This year Bloomberg Businessweek made some changes to its rankings methodology, including the weighting of categories (student survey: 45 percent; recruiter survey: 45 percent; and faculty research count: 10 percent).

Among other changes, the publication also revised its surveys, asked students more questions about schools’ culture and broadening the employer survey to include an array of professionals involved in MBA recruitment, not just those in high-level human resources positions.

Bloomberg Businessweek also has announced that it will begin ranking full-time MBA programs annually instead of every two years and discontinue rankings of undergraduate business programs.

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is currently ranked 27th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.


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