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Success Story

An internship led to a full-time business analyst position at Chick-fil-A for senior Parrish Brown.
An internship led to a full-time business analyst position at Chick-fil-A for senior Parrish Brown.

Undergraduate Profile: Internship Led to Business Analyst Position for Parrish Brown

Parrish Brown is thankful that she hasn’t had to worry about job hunting during her senior year. She was offered a business analyst position at Chick-fil-A right after her summer 2013 internship at the company’s headquarters.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” says Brown, who has continued to work part-time at Chick-fil-A during her studies. “I didn’t think I’d know until year’s end. I look forward to going back full-time.”

Brown, whose business administration studies concentrate on information technology management, worked during the summer helping Chick-fil-A roll out a new software system for its more than 1,700 restaurants.

She says she chose Tech’s Undergraduate Business Program over other leading schools where she was accepted because of its focus on technology, which is increasingly important to all areas of business.

 “I wanted to go to a business school emphasizing innovation and new ideas,” Brown explains. “When I tell people I do IT, I explain that I’m on the business analyst side. I look at the big picture, how processes work together, rather than coding.”

Dean’s Scholarship

In addition to Scheller College’s bridging of technology and business, another major draw for Brown was winning one of the inaugural Dean’s Scholarships introduced in 2010. Each year, 10 entering freshmen business administration majors receive these scholarships, which are worth up to $40,000 over four years.

Brown says that when she first visited Scheller, she loved meeting the Ambassadors who organize tours and events involving recruitment, awards and community building. Their work motivated Brown to become an Ambassador herself after she enrolled.

“They made a big impact on my decision,” she says. “The first time I visited I felt welcomed and like people wanted me to be here.”

In addition to the Ambassadors program and leadership roles in her sorority, Brown has been instrumental in forming Tech’s chapter of the International Justice Mission. The organization, of which she is vice president, is focused on raising awareness of international justice issues, particularly human trafficking and the slave trade, in which people are sold into factories for cheap labor.

Brown, who learned about these issues during her freshman year, realized that a lot of her peers weren’t informed or didn’t believe they were real problems in America as well as overseas. She helped start the International Justice Mission during her junior year.

“I’ve learned a lot about time management being in the business school, finding time to work with classmates on group projects as well as outside activities,” she says.



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