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Alex Stelea: Leveraging Multidisciplinary Teams to Solve Real-world Problems

Denning Scholar, Alex Stelea, seeks out opportunities to work on multidisciplinary teams. This October, his team of Georgia Tech undergraduates won the Bank of America 2013 Grand Challenge.

The “Grand Challengers” team competed to develop innovative solutions applicable to Bank of America customers as a part of a business and technology case competition. Stelea, majoring in computer science, handled the majority of the technical writing, demo development, and guaranteed their solution was technologically feasible.

Stelea’s team won the grand prize of $5,000 per member and an additional $50,000 for Georgia Tech. They beat out graduate teams and took first place over UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University who placed second and third respectively. Judges scored their business case, demo, and video on “. . . creativity, quality of design, commercial potential, functionality, and demonstration of understanding of the business and technical requirements.”

As a Denning Scholar minoring in Computing and Management, Alex will soon join a multidisciplinary capstone team for one of T&M’s 12 corporate affiliates. The team will tackle a consulting project at the intersection of technology and business.

For now, Alex keeps busy with a full course load, research with Dr. Michael Best redesigning Aggie 2.0, a social media analytics software used at the national level in Nigeria, Liberia, and Ghana, and pursuing a summer internship with T&M’s newest corporate affiliate: HP.


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